Race the Light

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Hennipen County PD was getting a lot of complaints about the ethics involved in having a security camera catch traffic violations. So they used the budget surplus they got from last year's chili cook-off to buy SAURON8000.


  • Ravi 09.20.14 @ 4:29am

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  • keepli 09.18.14 @ 6:00am
  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:32am

    Dont move so it doenst see you

  • jelly 08.25.10 @ 5:45am

    Wow..thats is a perfect hit by a surveillance camera.

  • Scaryass 06.28.10 @ 1:37am

    brilliant,i want one!

  • Ninjujitsu 05.22.10 @ 5:49am

    The person who backs up is on the side where the light is green.

  • BobBobman 04.19.10 @ 8:46pm

    What if someone stopped at a green light?

  • DivSt 03.24.10 @ 1:15pm


  • K.K. Ph.D 03.07.10 @ 1:49am

    Make what… his crash into the house a few seconds earlier?

  • waza 02.21.10 @ 3:28am

    This is emazing. Maybe big laser stops high speed

    Sorry of my english

  • OMFGWTF 02.03.10 @ 9:43pm

    HEY, AOTS!!!  HERE’S YOUR NEXT VIDEO!!!!  ATN #1!!!!  NAO!!!

  • OMFGWTF 02.03.10 @ 9:42pm

    The car backing up… lmfao! xD WIN!!!

  • Pieter 01.26.10 @ 2:53pm

    the car backing up is a great touch

  • Siks6 01.25.10 @ 6:11pm

    Hm… makes me wonder about the Right-of-way.

  • Joe Philipson 01.25.10 @ 2:00pm

    The Cylons have started their revolt.

  • TheMissMalave 01.25.10 @ 6:00am

    that was fucking classic

  • MineTruly 01.22.10 @ 5:18pm

    Ahaha, I like how the other car backs away from the light.

  • Dual 01.21.10 @ 2:18pm

    Ohh, the ‘eye’ is called the SAURON8000, lmao

  • SuperKev 01.21.10 @ 11:31am

    @shibby LOTR ref?? Where?

  • R.A.I.U. 01.20.10 @ 10:41pm

    lol, the other car backing off in an “oh shit” manner

  • Aldakoopa 01.20.10 @ 9:33pm

    That… was awesome.

  • shibby 01.20.10 @ 1:59pm

    enjoying the lord of the rings reference. smile

  • A Random ENcounter 01.20.10 @ 1:25pm

    Where can I buy that

  • Jonathan 01.20.10 @ 8:47am

    Where was he gonna cross to anyway?  He would have had to turn.

  • SuperKev 01.20.10 @ 6:51am

    BWAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! By far one of the best! haha Loved the end…it clinched it! Bravo! 5 Stars!

  • Saikyo Mog 01.20.10 @ 6:33am

    They should put those in Chicago….

  • Morpheus 01.20.10 @ 5:52am


  • Sarcastic Name 01.20.10 @ 3:17am

    And thats how Skynet was born

  • TDN 01.19.10 @ 11:14pm

    You’d think after the FIRST smoking pile of char on the road, the others would wise up.

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