Red Rover, Red Rover

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Everyone quickly agreed naked Twister would be a better choice.


  • tslbpoa 12.03.16 @ 11:04pm

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  • Matthew Perry 09.02.12 @ 8:37am

    Pretty new girl appearance #15.


  • lil rousse 08.23.12 @ 11:14am

    I never thought i’d be turned on by my own blood. lol

  • alexdhenley 08.23.12 @ 9:34am

    that. made my day. thank you.

  • Cherub Cow 08.22.12 @ 7:02pm

    Now how many of non-american can to understand a game invented in the Europe? I does to not understand slapstick comedy; it must be language barrier

  • Coumbaya 08.22.12 @ 1:12pm

    Now, how many non-american can understand it ?
    I don’t.

  • Gunna 08.22.12 @ 9:58am

    I really dig the “bowling ball smashes into bowling pins” sound.

  • Ian 08.22.12 @ 9:56am

    Always Rousselet. Every time.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 08.22.12 @ 7:37am

    @ Here’s the thing: Well, he’s taken the bullet so many times in other videos, let him have his fun.

    /I give this video four 5SF Hotties
    //And a 5SF wildebeast
    ///and…. bosom

  • Here's the thing,... 08.22.12 @ 7:09am

    Of course, the other level of the joke is that a) the Rouss has red hair here, and b) she’s a dog more hideous than anything the Ghostbusters nightmared into existence

  • Here's the thing,... 08.22.12 @ 7:07am

    OK, I get it, it’s funny because he has a beard, but Rousselet in drag is gettin’ a little old. Is he the only one willing to take the bullet?

  • Deadbeat in da street. 08.22.12 @ 2:23am

    This also brings back traumatizing memories of this barbaric game of selection based on looks.

    I give this video 9 boners if I was a male.

  • Deadbeat in da street. 08.22.12 @ 2:22am

    Rouss in drag?? Is he trying to tell us something?

  • Man Solo 08.22.12 @ 1:02am

    All the other girls just sat there? It’s like Bizarro world in here…

  • Cherub Cow 08.22.12 @ 12:03am

    Rousselet is going to break some hearts!
    From collision forces :|

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