Save the Fish

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Eventually, he recycled enough plastic rings and bought a fish fillet at Vons. As he snacked on it in the backyard, he thought to himself how crafty he was to drive his Power Wheels to the recycling plant and how much people underestimated his intelligence.


  • aaxwwgbax 12.01.16 @ 8:03pm

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  • HERP DAT DERP 03.08.11 @ 4:10pm


  • SputNik 03.08.11 @ 3:01am

    C-PAIN! YOU’RE ALIVE! I actually spent a small portion of every day wondering if the cat-nip had ended you!

  • ChadBroChill 03.06.11 @ 11:53am

    Nice use of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.

  • Just a juggalo passing by 03.04.11 @ 12:47am

    C-pain is looking pretty chubby. You should leash him to drawers more often, I don’t think he’s getting mucho exercise.

    Even being buried alive didn’t really seem to phase him

  • Nerd. 03.02.11 @ 10:32pm

    I’m wondering who24 decided to use Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring again…

  • Dogma 03.02.11 @ 8:21pm

    Whooaa kick me out on the street23
    what happened to the loud foghorn sound
    at the beginning of the videos.

    I’m afraid of change.

  • germo 03.02.11 @ 10:42am

    It’s march14 already.
    Time flies when you’re watching 5sf ...

  • Matthew Perry 03.02.11 @ 9:25am

    I wonder what Data63 from Star Trek would say about this 5sf

  • The Stapler 03.02.11 @ 8:46am

    I’m quite25 pleased with your use of The Rite of Spring.

  • ts 03.02.11 @ 7:21am

    C-pain 2.0 finally came down from his big48 trip.

  • Tobey 03.02.11 @ 7:14am

    I think mE is very hot49.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 03.02.11 @ 6:56am

    mE tried88 and failed.

  • Herring! 03.02.11 @ 6:35am

    C-Pain! but Brian sold him . . . . ?

  • ME 03.02.11 @ 5:04am

    Dodge, and thrust?

    mE, you’re reaching way too much on that one; looks like you’re married35 to that joke.

  • mE 03.02.11 @ 12:43am

    it was only a matter of time.  Now the cat is back from the dead and wreaking his vengeance on every living thing. 
    time to pary27

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