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Well, clearly we can cross "Prostate" off the list here. Are you a "check for testicular cancer" kind of guy, as well? Good, good. Super.


  • TheDew 01.19.13 @ 8:01am

    lol that smile at the end

  • Hmmm 09.06.11 @ 6:48am

    I think the song ended at a very specific54 spot.

    “I can show you the worl…”

    Like… the Worley? Is that the Worley that the Dr. Firenzi is being shown?

  • Zawa 07.14.11 @ 2:44pm

    This takes an old joke and makes it awesome. Good job.

  • yo mama 07.06.11 @ 1:59am

    WARNING: DO NOT insert video into anus

  • This is ... 12.29.10 @ 8:55pm


  • Paul 07.08.10 @ 4:36pm

    ey guys. you did a super fail on there with the music.
    its totally coming from the left side!

  • SuperKev 02.08.10 @ 10:31pm

    Best background music EVER!!!

  • NeonSpaceman 09.03.09 @ 3:18am

    this is one of the greatest xP

  • Josh 08.28.09 @ 10:33pm

    The choice of music makes me think he’s at pediatrics. So wrong.

  • J.C.W. 08.28.09 @ 6:28am

    HEY Doc!!  Say AHHHH!

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:22pm

    Kevin=> “I can show you the world”... Aladdin music.
    “A whole new world”.

  • Kevin 04.06.09 @ 8:19pm

    i don’t hear any aladdin music…

  • Kevin 04.06.09 @ 8:18pm

    almost two whole seconds at the end of just standing there

  • tricky pete 03.31.09 @ 1:40pm

    Hold the phone! ...I think he might be flirting with that doctor.

  • Ellie 03.31.09 @ 1:15pm

    The Aladdin song just made this perfect.

  • Shmoe 03.31.09 @ 12:53pm

    hahah the Aladdin song is like the frosting on the cake…... perhaps i should have used a different analogy for this video.

  • moog 03.31.09 @ 11:33am

    Won’t someone think of the children!!!  I know that guy on the table is!

  • that's ma dick! no, really! 03.31.09 @ 11:18am

    “trying desperately not to crack up and ruin the take” smile + aladdin soundtrack clip = creepy as fuck!

  • i love dick jokes 03.31.09 @ 9:38am

    Mwahahahaha! The creepy smile at the end is hilarious…. oh yes, and the dick joke… that’s funny too

  • Nick 03.31.09 @ 6:57am

    And WHAT will we be examining, doctor.

  • Jay 03.31.09 @ 2:42am

    The Aladdin music makes it perfect.  This is my new favorite.

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