Sex Kitten

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He seemed so innocent when she got him at the pound. Little did she know he was raised by whores. Nice whores, mind you, just whores who wound up not being able to have a cat stay with them at the whorehouse.


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  • sexy kittay 03.29.13 @ 2:33pm

    2013, the year of the sex kitt-tay

  • javad 02.22.13 @ 8:22am


  • ACNightmarelicious 02.13.13 @ 12:27pm

    Can you make more sex kitten videos?

  • tatang 02.13.13 @ 8:52am

    give me a good new film

  • 01.10.13 @ 8:40am

    ace đăng ký thành viên ủng hộ em với nhé :

  • hassan 05.25.12 @ 12:06am


  • saeed 04.29.12 @ 2:09am

    2.14.12 @ 9:41pm Permalink

    The greatest film ever

  • Jury 02.14.12 @ 9:48pm

    The greatest film ever

  • Classy Sass 01.18.12 @ 4:10pm

    Is it wrong to still want a kitten like that?

  • voodoobunny 08.14.11 @ 3:56pm

    NEVER! Bend over xD!

  • FUCK OLIVA IN THE ASS 07.03.11 @ 4:53pm


  • LegMaster 04.28.11 @ 7:46am

    That girl has some legs.

    Sex Kitten ftw

  • NoMeansMeow 03.19.11 @ 2:52pm

    Dog is man’s best friend. Cat is man’s best friend with benefits.


  • Derek 01.09.11 @ 11:23pm

    Can’t resist Olivia. NO ONE CAN

  • mystrdat 01.01.11 @ 9:05am

    Too good to be true, I call shop on the kitty.

  • Uncle Sam 12.04.10 @ 6:51am

    Hey I just got the Tshirt of this for a friend and its awesome! thx 5sf

  • Aoife 10.25.10 @ 5:33am

    Sex Kitty sounds suspiciously like Elmo.

  • Sure to be rejected 10.20.10 @ 11:21am

    I feel like this is how katie would react to me if I were this forward about my desire to do unpublishable things to her.

  • kev 10.14.10 @ 6:39pm

    I think I saw a little catNip slip


  • Leo 08.28.10 @ 7:48pm

    this is the best thing

  • Antwan Davis 08.27.10 @ 5:19pm

    AWESOME! Love the site.

  • Willy 08.22.10 @ 8:38pm

    oh my god i thought that was cute

  • Aaron 08.06.10 @ 2:25pm


    just made my day. ^_^

  • Katie 07.31.10 @ 12:44pm

    Nevermind what I said, I suck cox!

  • scoony 07.22.10 @ 4:58pm

    no means meow???? YES!!!!! thats so sweet:P
    bend over

  • Gorkrust 07.15.10 @ 8:26pm

    Dude, look at the way she’s dressed. She’s just begging to get graped.

  • Johnny Utah 07.14.10 @ 10:54pm

    nutered maybe?

  • Arnster 07.09.10 @ 6:35am

    oh dont be ridiculous, cats have pussies!

  • theperson 07.06.10 @ 9:13am

    cats have spikes on their penises’

  • Whoops 07.05.10 @ 11:12pm

    Do not go to *shudder*

  • Redphoenix 07.05.10 @ 7:19am

    sorry, aldakoopa, but this isn’t burger king where you can have it your way…..crazy idea29…

  • Aldakoopa 07.04.10 @ 8:51pm

    Not fat enough.

  • Mammoth 07.04.10 @ 10:07am

    I love this video just for her dressed like that :D
    Funny as hell too…

  • Smashfan 07.03.10 @ 7:24pm

    Hot and hilarious!! No mean meow lol

  • Ian 07.03.10 @ 7:01am

    I really can’t get over how funny and adorable “No means meow!” is… Great vid, everyone.

  • Simon 07.02.10 @ 8:51pm

    “No means meooowww!” ^_^

  • Broguts 07.02.10 @ 1:33pm

    Aaaaaand this is now on, thank you all, I hope you had a nice day.

  • McCl0udY 07.02.10 @ 3:56am

    Olivia is smoking hot.
    Happy Chris?
    Although I was going to post this before I read your post…

  • Chris 07.01.10 @ 6:46pm

    Wow, barely any comments about Olivia?

    5sf community, you have outdone yourself.

  • Alabaster Water Jug 07.01.10 @ 5:09pm

    I do not know what number post this is, but I am okay with that.

  • rp 07.01.10 @ 4:28pm

    persons92 Animals nowadays…no shame…

  • moog 07.01.10 @ 2:04pm

    I love the subtle tail wag. came48

  • My Pee Pee Is Itchy 07.01.10 @ 12:57pm

    No Means Meow. Gets me everytime

  • shmoe 07.01.10 @ 12:02pm

    hahah sooo good! no means meow

  • Furries! 07.01.10 @ 10:28am

    Damn furries. How far does this conspiracy go? :C

  • Dividedbyzero 07.01.10 @ 10:24am

    that cat needs to do a little more research59 on how to please a woman

  • Tiro 07.01.10 @ 10:20am


  • MikeyBoy 07.01.10 @ 10:11am

    Looks like this relationship *puts on sunglasses* Has more than one pussy

  • canti 07.01.10 @ 10:10am

    That “no means meow!” kills me every single time!

  • Tiro 07.01.10 @ 10:06am

    That was wrong, but SO CUTE!  I WANT ONE!!! ^_^

  • rekzie 07.01.10 @ 8:10am

    Hahaha… I totally thought this was going to be some guy humor thing but then I cracked up when I saw it… I love how the kitten jumps around saying “No means Meow”... love it!

  • Matchstickman 07.01.10 @ 8:02am

    “Let’s have Sex”
    “No sex kitty”
    “No means Meow”
    “Bend over”

  • Tori 07.01.10 @ 7:37am

    what sis the cat say> i only understood “Bend Over”

  • gw crawford 07.01.10 @ 7:26am

    “its gonna be big solely cause of Olivia”
    Well, we all know what is going to be big, hur, hur, hur…
    I’m talkin’ ‘bout yer dick, ya know

    entire28 (as in the word I have to type, not as in ‘you’re gettin’ the entire28 cm or anything)

  • Vurtax 07.01.10 @ 7:16am

    It was really good, you know its gonna be big solely cause of Olivia

  • Redphoenix 07.01.10 @ 6:54am

    Remember as a kid if you played in the outfield and you just stood there daydreaming because nothing ever happened and then some genetically altered kid would hit you a line drive right in the head cause you weren’t paying attention? That’s how I feel right at this moment.

  • hofmann 07.01.10 @ 5:58am

    I agree with Arnster

  • Dual 07.01.10 @ 3:27am

    *opens mouth to say something*
    *closes mouth*

  • ME 07.01.10 @ 3:15am

    That was a surprise beginning.

  • :B 07.01.10 @ 2:29am

    It’s 5:25 where I live. Also, bend over.

  • WTH? Oh Well, ^_^ 07.01.10 @ 2:26am

    Awesome. So, everytime you masturbate, god makes a kitten horny?

    It’s 6:25 am where I live, and I am not the first to comment. What time to you guys friggen post these?

  • Arnster 07.01.10 @ 2:24am

    more LSD and Olivia

  • kelby 07.01.10 @ 2:22am

    i’m so happy right now at this moment.

  • Andrew X. Hunter 07.01.10 @ 1:41am

    This video was… kind of cute. :-(

  • TDN 07.01.10 @ 1:16am

    “No” means “meow”!

    Man, I wanna make that comment viral somehow. Sig for a forum, maybe?

  • Perp 07.01.10 @ 12:43am

    This video is my new favorite.

  • Kleiner 07.01.10 @ 12:25am

    At first I was like…
    but then I was all like

  • onReload 07.01.10 @ 12:15am

    well, it’s not that weird when you take into account that he has christened himself “4chan”

  • Signor Pino 06.30.10 @ 11:58pm

    No, but it is weird that you search for sex everywhere you go

  • 4chan 06.30.10 @ 11:53pm

    Don’t you think it’s weird that when you look up “sex” on five second films, that two out of three of those videos involve her having sex with an animalz?

  • Logan 06.30.10 @ 11:28pm

    The only thing even remotely remarkable about this kitten is its ability to speak English.  If we spoke their language, this is all we would hear.  The reason Bob Barker was so adamant about having your pets spayed or neutered is because he learned to speak with animals inadvertently due to a bad dose of LSD.

  • Katie 06.30.10 @ 11:15pm

    Whoa, watch your language. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

  • wererat2000 06.30.10 @ 11:13pm

    i… i… wha- WHAT THE FUCK!?

  • bruce 06.30.10 @ 11:11pm

    i lied. that last katie was me.

    but am i the real bruce?

  • Katie 06.30.10 @ 11:10pm

    I am also a whore. Anyone who wants my number, talk to the kitten.

  • Katie 06.30.10 @ 11:09pm

    Wow, what an intelligent comment. Really, just a great use of your time and effort, buddy. I hope this brings some joy to your sad, sad life. You are what’s wrong with the world, you and only you. Why don’t you just crawl into a pit of rusty nails and die there? You’re a miserable, worthless excuse for a human being.

  • Johnny Utah 06.30.10 @ 11:07pm

    You can beat me bruce
    But you can never win.
    Bwahahhaha mhaha

  • bruce 06.30.10 @ 11:03pm

    I BEAT YOU, JOHNNY UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bruce 06.30.10 @ 11:02pm


  • asdf 06.30.10 @ 11:01pm


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