Sexism Saves

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Stop wives and save lives with this handy-dandy technique! Note: Must have glasses in order to remove them dramatically.


  • Mohammad 04.21.12 @ 12:46pm


  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:30pm

    A mistress is born.

  • Dave 11.05.11 @ 11:29pm

    This is by far my favorite on this site. Pure genius!!!!!!

  • alexander le 10.25.11 @ 10:02am

    nice, you got the insight into the subconscious preconditioned behavior… but apply with great caution.

  • felipe 10.18.11 @ 8:28pm

    Adorei essa homepage!
    Bem que poderia ter umas legendas em portugues né!?

  • Brandy 10.13.11 @ 9:01pm

    LOL the last shot is so great! pure disappointment on Brian’s face

  • TDog 10.13.11 @ 5:36pm

    Brian’s face at the end wins this one for me.

  • confucius say 10.13.11 @ 4:46pm

    If a woman says that she is wrong, is she still wrong?

  • Alex 10.13.11 @ 12:06pm

    This seems like a short that would be on MST3K.

  • rottenchops 10.13.11 @ 9:33am

    I don’t claim to be a gun expert but shouldn’t there be a hole at the end of it?

  • ? 10.13.11 @ 9:27am

    @Matthew Perry:  Who’s MLW?  Is that the guy in bed with brian?

  • Brandy 10.13.11 @ 7:02am

    5SF vintage is the best

  • TheChao 10.13.11 @ 7:01am

    But… but.. but… you dont actually see him dramatically remove his glasses, they just magically go from his head to his hands! At least it doesnt ruin the moment43

  • fieldy409 10.13.11 @ 4:44am

    I really like how he says36 that line in an old 40s accent.

  • Anonymous‮‪‭ 10.13.11 @ 1:35am

    Ever since32 I saw people doing this I always wanted to do one. Also, great vid!

  • Matthew Perry 10.13.11 @ 1:23am

    MLW sighting.

    The question is how awesome is MLW, and the answer35 is very awesome.

  • padurn 10.13.11 @ 12:52am

    I like her shooting gloves.

  • techwitch 10.13.11 @ 12:18am

    I like all the 5SF vintage style clips.

  • GRIZ_250 10.13.11 @ 12:04am


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