Shazaam: The Lazy Genie

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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Shazaam? You're thinking about the Shaq movie "Kazaam" aren't you? Turn around. Boom. There's the VHS for it, right behind you. Two wishes left, by the way.


  • miphxwhvi 12.06.16 @ 10:12am

    VuWTBZ jfmjgaaznvpt, oefisefdpxiz, [link=]uctffudmzvcg[/link],

  • Miguel Florentino 09.07.12 @ 9:13pm

    I just want to know where you bought those red aviator sun glasses. I have searched the net high and low for such a pair of sun glasses.

  • OK Computer 05.20.12 @ 6:12am

    The song was a sped up version of The Tourist from the album OK Computer. You’re welcome.

  • Jake 05.04.12 @ 11:08am

    Funny, but should’ve been called the Presumptive Genie.

  • kendilious 05.01.12 @ 10:07pm

    @Jeremy THANK YOU!  I keep coming back to the comments, looking for answers… And now I have them.

  • Colin 04.30.12 @ 6:18pm

    To be honest I’d be ok with the first wish if that happened every time some douche was being… well, a douche.

  • Someone 04.30.12 @ 5:22pm

    Olivia Dudley is playing in a new movie I just watch the preview for it. The movie is “Chernobyl Diaries”

  • Rick 04.29.12 @ 10:45pm

    Hey 5sf guys. First off, you guys are super mega awesome. Secondly, I felt compelled to comment on your latest video so that maybe you guys can do me a favor. I just saw the new SMBC video with Rouss and Kelsey. Can you help me out by telling kelsey that i’ve never been harder in my life? Thank you and have a nice day wink

    PS - probably set off the creep meter there… well…uhhhh….fuck….uh…well, in typical youtube fashion, shit shit shit shit…..tits.

  • colespock 04.29.12 @ 4:39pm

    he didn’t even need magic for the last one lol

  • neefertiti 04.29.12 @ 4:17pm

    @justmichael…How did he get his soup so fast?

  • neefertiti 04.29.12 @ 4:16pm

    Lazy? He works hard to get out of his genie contract.

  • styx92 04.29.12 @ 3:46pm

    I need to find the name of the song playing in between the clips…

  • msg9090 04.29.12 @ 8:06am

    Is that the first time someone is swearing in 5sf? Or at least a woman swearing in 5sf?

  • Jeremy 04.28.12 @ 11:21pm

    it was Fake Plastic Trees acoustic version,
    Album: Unplugged the complete acoustic sessions / The Bends.

  • Crindy 04.28.12 @ 7:54pm

    @double dipped: YOU WIN

  • Rainspirit 04.28.12 @ 6:48pm

    Actually, I was thinking Captain Marvel…

    Wait. FUCK. No! I didn’t need all these back issues of Shazam!

    Oh well, are any of them collector’s items?

    Shit, now my wishes are all gone. :(

  • Dick Steel 04.28.12 @ 6:47pm

    your girlfriend starts to talk about her feelings… *Lazy Genie slaps her in the face*

  • Dasyati 04.28.12 @ 4:50pm


  • bomar 04.28.12 @ 4:32pm

    I dont have much of a problem with the second wish, however, lets dig a little deeper with these wishes. I think that we really look at the genie’s psychological profile what we’ll find out is that he is actually to afraid to do anything on his own, and that he has to use a person as a vessel in order to carry out his vengeance. I think its also safe to say that Shazaam also maybe has ED and because of that he has to live vicariously through another person to do this…. that or he’s just kinda weird.

  • highchairsaretall 04.28.12 @ 1:59pm

    P.S. It was Brian.

  • highchairsaretall 04.28.12 @ 1:59pm

    Bar scene: Creepy guy in the background not even eating. Just staring. Waiting.

  • spaztron 04.28.12 @ 11:13am

    The poor man never did find the specific album

  • justmichael 04.28.12 @ 9:45am

    Hi-Five for Evil Brian Eating Soup at A Bar!

  • Jontravoltaisthebest 04.28.12 @ 2:49am


    Their are no comedy gods, you just didn’t have a dissapointing enough childhood. You might just be able to learn something from Rich Vos, maybe…

  • dustin 04.28.12 @ 12:42am

    You’re all just a bunch of bitch-made poseurs from Dorkville, USA.

  • Saö 04.27.12 @ 11:17pm

    Can someone tell me the the song playing in between clips? If it’s out there, that is my wish.

  • Yeah, yeah 04.27.12 @ 6:13pm

    Shazaam:  “Here’s the pony you wished for.”
    Me:  “What?!  I wished for that when I was like FIVE!”
    Shazaam: ~shazaam~
    Me: “Why aren’t I a fucking astronaut?!!”

  • Mels Bells 04.27.12 @ 5:12pm

    also, nice mustache and goatee…

    this goes with my earlier comment about the eyebrows and trying to rhyme penis and genius .

  • Sandwich 04.27.12 @ 5:04pm

    What the hell?  Why does my kitchen smell like vomit?

  • MEGATRUCK 04.27.12 @ 4:51pm

    Who the fuck wishes for a Slurpee on the ground? What a waste.

  • Got Your Back 04.27.12 @ 2:56pm

    Would’ve been funnier if Shaquille O’Neal was the genie.

  • Beefcake 04.27.12 @ 1:50pm

    Way to waste a wish. It’s always Radiohead!

  • BrosefStalin42 04.27.12 @ 12:59pm

    The blue of Shazaam reminds me of Babe the Blue Ox, which was up near Brainerd, MN. The first time I ever saw Babe the Blue Ox, my parents also took me to a haunted house attraction. I was 6 at the time and I was scared shitless. Thanks for reminding me of a traumatizing event from the past, 5SF. I think I still have those stained pants somewhere, now that I think of it.

  • double dipped 04.27.12 @ 11:45am

    Never buy a magic lamp from Dealbreaker Jones.

  • TCook 04.27.12 @ 11:27am

    Dude can rock himself a baldcap. And blue face paint. Have you ever thought about becoming a Na’vi?

  • geebercreeperalamony 04.27.12 @ 11:16am

    I didn’t know genies could read minds…this makes me rethink all I know about life, reality, and alladin…and maybe why I decided to comment in the first place

  • Roar 04.27.12 @ 10:49am

    What’s the point in putting them in bed together if he doesn’t even take their clothes off?  He is lazy!

  • Krazy Karl 04.27.12 @ 10:33am

    He likes Radiohead? He doesn’t deserve his wishes.

  • epicbeardedgiant420 04.27.12 @ 10:27am

    soooo much better than the movie with Shaq and his lack of acting skills

  • A Non-Ymous 04.27.12 @ 9:51am

    And for my second wish, I want that copy of Shazaam to be as FAR away form me as possible.

  • Guinny_Ire 04.27.12 @ 8:42am

    So glad to see Jon got his big part in “This Ain’t Disney’s Aladin XXX”.

  • FRIDAY 04.27.12 @ 8:26am

    When the girl is in the bed she looks a hell of a lot like Natalie Portman.

  • King of Cum Goblins 04.27.12 @ 7:34am

    The last thing you see before you die is an out-of-focus shot of Brian Firenzi’s scowling face and the number 7.

  • Dude_in_House 04.27.12 @ 6:58am

    So, is that Brian’s soup eating face? He just scowls at Rouse for interrupting him with the same contempt he had for the TriForce back at Flarpy’s.  Brian, I think you should be more aware of the blue guy that vanished and not Rouse’s spasms.

  • jeff 04.27.12 @ 6:52am

    From the poor quality of the other films this week, I’m guessing that the entire budget was taken up by this film? If so, it was totally worth it.

  • Justin Case 04.27.12 @ 6:49am

    The way he desperately asks what album, trying to make the best out of his last shim-sham wish.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 04.27.12 @ 6:20am

    I give this video five evil wishes… Most of them involving the cutie from scene 2, but at least one for the Slurpee from scene 1.  Well, that’s not actually an evil wish…. Unless you combine the Slurpee with the girl.  Which… Yeah, I did.

    /hangs head in shame

  • Matchstickman 04.27.12 @ 5:15am

    OK. You can do this Richard.
    You’ve been on this site for two years making funny comments and this is the one week they are going to be read out by the 5SF peeps. True, you’ve not been inspired by any of the other videos this week and this is your last shot but that’s no reason to be nervous, just don’t choke.


    I got nothing.

    Curse you fickle Gods of comedy!

  • Klarden 04.27.12 @ 3:34am

    Damn, can’t hear which song is it in the last one.
    Brian “cameo” is amazing in it’s simplicicty, btw.

  • kalvynevans 04.27.12 @ 3:23am

    Oh my god, is that JON WORLEY in the blue paint???

  • kalvynevans 04.27.12 @ 3:21am

    Hey, the cast is off! Wouldn’t that technically count as a fourth wish?

  • Mels Bells 04.27.12 @ 2:35am

    Genie-ous with a ...penie-ous…
    hey, it rhymes.

    Love the eyebrows

  • twiggle the trenchcoat rodent 04.27.12 @ 2:30am

    What if this was Jon’s real skincolor and he has to paint is whole body humanlike every day? What a revelation83…

    oh, and i have the urge to write ‘genie-ous’ somewhere, sorry.

  • Man Solo 04.27.12 @ 2:06am

    Yet again, another great way to end the week. I aspire to your comedic genius, O Gods Of The Short Film.

  • Man Solo 04.27.12 @ 2:04am

    I feel that Shazaam: The Lazy Genie needs his own Long Film.

    Get to it, men and women of the interwebz!

  • Fasc 04.27.12 @ 1:51am

    Obligatory comment about cuteness of Wish 2 girl…

  • miles 04.27.12 @ 12:43am

    i’ll have what brian’s having

  • Mr Friday 04.27.12 @ 12:42am

    At least Rousselet survived this episode.

    Oh, and the second wish? Most awesomesauce depiction of how it’d really go. (Except when it’s Zanderflex.)

  • andrespereyda 04.27.12 @ 12:22am

    hey!!! is that the girl from “the spy who twirled me”??? ohhhhhhhhhhh:)

  • sigh 04.27.12 @ 12:03am

    great use of mohawk bend!

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