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Can you change a lesbian? Should you change a lesbian? Isn't it completely none of your business whether you can or can't change a person who loves the person she wants to love? The answers are yes, yes, and no, but only if you can beat her four-of-a-kind.


  • jojo 11.20.13 @ 5:02am

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  • gingerbrooks900 10.29.13 @ 11:01pm

    Thankyou Mr Hollister,flight operations major

  • isabella ne186 10.24.13 @ 11:14pm
  • YODAPWN 02.15.13 @ 10:36am

    That escalated quickly.

  • NotSoCuddly 01.31.13 @ 7:10am

    Don’t start with the slaying!  First, give forth your greatest effort to turn them.  Even if you only convert one of the many, it will all be worth the effort.

  • Pastor Of Muppets 01.30.13 @ 11:58am

    I consulted my D&D Books and Straight Guys can turn Lesbians, but at a -5 penalty.

    /ninja’d my own comment
    //that’s ok, previous one was lame

  • Pastor Of Muppets 01.30.13 @ 11:56am


    /smashes face into desk
    //I give this video two devil horns

  • Nautilus 01.28.13 @ 9:36am

    I love Mario, Oliver and Kel.

  • Smeg Potterson 01.27.13 @ 11:23pm

    You can run23 from the CAPTCHAS….but you can’t hide

  • Ah 01.27.13 @ 4:50pm

    Thankyou Mr Hollister, I love you.
    I’m sober now, but still English

  • StereoTypo 01.27.13 @ 10:20am

    “Then we must lay them!”

    But seriously, I’m not a homophobe.

  • Matthew Perry 01.27.13 @ 9:05am

    Wait. WAIT.

    You brought captchas back only to get rid of them again?! You can’t do that!

    I threw a party when captchas came back! An EXPENSIVE party!


  • Mystiquecon 01.26.13 @ 9:32pm

    “I’ve done it!” Really, Michael? REALLY? I mean, sure, maybe Jon Salmon, but Michael!? BIGGEST LIE EVER.

  • Daniel K. Hollister 01.26.13 @ 5:37pm

    @Numbers? - We used to have a CAPTCHA, and integrating it into the comment somehow became a thing. But I got rid of the CAPTCHA yesterday, so… we’ll see.

  • Oh Mariaaaa 01.26.13 @ 3:43pm

    HA. “Two girls one up”

  • Freshness 01.26.13 @ 1:00pm

    Am I missing a pun?  What’s the joke in the video?

  • iLuvzombies12 01.26.13 @ 5:30am

    I said the exact same thing when i looked up angry beavers on youtube, but i got scenes from The View

  • Cherub Cow 01.25.13 @ 8:40pm

    Yay! No captcha! That broken captcha thing was annoying.

    Now I can say that I lol’ed. Very important.

  • Numbers? 01.25.13 @ 8:05pm

    I’ve been watching these things for years, but I never understood the whole number-comment thing.
    Am I doing47 it right?
    I’m English.
    I’ve been - YEEEEAAAAHHHH *puts on sunglasses* - drinking.

  • Billy Pilgrim 01.25.13 @ 6:22pm

    So, do ALL lesbians sport heat fried mullets of bleached blonde? Do they wear the worn flannel that represents the faded idealism of their sexually confused college days? Does the lesbian in the trucker hat on the end thrust out her lower jaw in an attempt to mask the pain having met this Slayer before and surviving his Puritan/thrash metal fanaticism and reigns of terror over the butch lesbian community? Such questions I ask as I watch this fantastic video over and over again. Kudos.

  • Mike 01.25.13 @ 4:45pm

    The hair is FABULOUS, but its the delivery of the closing line that makes it an instant classic.  Damn; are you people hiring?

  • Saskia 01.25.13 @ 3:42pm

    Joey the Lesbian Slayer

  • KRA2008 01.25.13 @ 12:09pm

    Dat seashell necklace

    Dat pilgrim hat

    Dat sudden Anton Chigurh hair

  • NutFog 01.25.13 @ 11:08am

    Raining blondes!!!

  • Jolly Ole Saint Nicholas 01.25.13 @ 7:14am

    Eh id still do Olivia.

    I also was expecting this to have something to do with the thrash metal band Slayer….that makes46 me sad…

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