Snake Attack

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​They were the best attackers in the business. And brother, business was good. But they knew sooner or later their wild ride would come to a hissing, gnashing end. Only one question remained: How much cold hard cash could they rake in before the Reaper came a-calling? STARRING: Andrew W.K. Brian McElhaney & Nick Kocher (BriTANicK) Weird Al Yankovic Patton Oswalt John Daley See you next week for: THE LAST 5SF


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  • bigsoph 12.31.13 @ 10:59am

    I got a snake attack for ya… in my pants!  No, seriously… damn thing just bit my pecker

  • Cherub Cow 12.30.13 @ 1:40pm

    lulz, Pastor. I was totally ready to correct you! But that’s not pedantic, it’s just engrish! :D

  • Pastor of Muppets 12.30.13 @ 10:59am

    @ Cherub Cow: No WAY this is the second best 5SF ever.  You’re an idiot.

    /I give this video about 20 comments from viewers saying what they think the penultimate 5SF video is, and three or four comments from pedantic nerds explaining the definition of penultimate

  • UnknownTBeast 12.29.13 @ 11:59pm

    So sad this is almost over!

  • UnknownTBeast 12.29.13 @ 10:44pm

    One more, then sadness!

  • Eggz, ur lord of the afterscape 12.28.13 @ 12:58am

    so this is it. i gotta say its been a great few years with you guys. to commemorate the joy you brought me, for the next month everyday ill go on my computer, stare at the screen, wait eight seconds and then exhale quickly out of my nose before going on Reddit. just like always

  • Cherub Cow 12.27.13 @ 3:10pm

    The penultimate 5 Second Film. I feel a mixture of sadness and joy. Just want to thank you for all you’ve done. When I first came across 5sf, I had recently lost my legs in a car accident. When I was being tested at the hospital, they diagnosed me with a brain cloud. I thought I’d lost everything, so I volunteered to jump into an island volcano to save the Natives there. But, after I’d been watching your videos for some time, I found that I didn’t want to jump into the volcano anymore — I had fallen in love. As the volcano erupted and the island sank into the ocean, I watched old 5SFs on a laptop. After I drifted back to land I visited my doctor again and found out that the brain cloud was gone. I also noticed that my legs had grown back. All because of 5SF.

    Thank you so much!

  • Catlike 12.27.13 @ 2:25pm

    Looks like someone got a large rubber snake for x-mas.

    I approve.

  • Tom Hank's left hand 12.27.13 @ 2:00pm

    Either 5sf is getting much more famous for these celebrities to be taking time out of their schedules to be a part of it

    Or these celebrities are becoming washed up.

  • Bob Dole 12.27.13 @ 1:19pm

    Poor bluejester. Not only is he a complete fag but every bit of that giant wall of text is going to be totally ignored by everyone.

  • epoxy 12.27.13 @ 12:32pm

    This is a bittersweet ending.

    I just realized you (the crew) has mastered the art of 5-second Films. And when you’re perfect at something, it’s time to do something else, I guess.

  • Sean 12.27.13 @ 8:46am

    So…many…guest stars…this is awesome.

  • Erika 12.27.13 @ 7:17am

    I am so happy to see the wizard’s return.  Even if he is killing Weird Al.

  • Alecscomedyroutine 12.27.13 @ 6:50am

    I’m really surprised there wasn’t one where officer sminkle was sucking off some guys snake and then shot it.

  • The Real Dr. Wendell Kretzschmar 12.27.13 @ 4:40am

    Brian, I think Maria’s cheating on you. With a wizard. Who has assumed the shape of Patton Oswald to sneak into 5sf to kill all the guest stars.
    Also, man up, commenters! Time to get tearful is not until Monday.

  • bluejester 12.27.13 @ 1:39am

    The penultimate 5 Second film.  I feel a mixture of sadness and joy.  About a year ago or two, I briefly unsubscribed from you guys because I was annoyed at one of the skits for conflicting with my beliefs.  A few months later I came to my senses and re-subbed and haven’t regretted it since.  Sure, occasionally there’s one I don’t like because of politics or faith issues, but considering the frequency of these videos, my chances of finding one that I love have always been far greater.  Thanks all of you for all you have done over the years.  If ever find out all or one of you guys are in a film (not counting Dude Bro) I will be sure to see it because I know it will be comedy gold.  Cheers and good luck to you all!

  • first 12.27.13 @ 1:16am

    i’ve always wanted first comment on a 5sf glad it happened before the end

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