So What Do You Do…?

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Can she still call this a blind date if he's plastered hundreds of images of her all over every available surface in his apartment? Or will she be too scarred to care?


  • Alexander 05.05.16 @ 1:16am

    So what is her name

  • adromachadi 12.05.12 @ 6:27pm

    This was too funny. Could not stop laughing lol

  • TheOnlyChuck 12.05.12 @ 7:45am

    @ pastor_of_muppets
    No, if you pause it. its just the fabric. either that or extremely small handwriting.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 12.03.12 @ 10:53am

    I just realized…. Were those “used” tissues or crumpled up love letters?

    The lotion bottle imples the first, but I could have sworn I saw writing on some of the crumpled pages.

  • sdaffd 12.03.12 @ 10:05am

    Wait, what does Maria being immortal have to with with this? I am so confused right now.

  • Anonymous 12.02.12 @ 10:27pm

    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Cherub Cow 12.01.12 @ 4:39pm

    Oh no! This is a little too “Red Dragon” right now…
    And the caption even says “will she be too scarred”—“scarred” (like scars) not “scared” (like afraid).. so after she records the tape on having “had a great privilege” to see him with “awe” there may be a tongue biting and wheelchair fire… 5sf is DARK!

  • Burrr 12.01.12 @ 3:48pm

    Was that guy the facebook stalker? if so, this suddenly became a million times funnier.

    Literally. one. million. times.

  • Bob Dole 12.01.12 @ 2:13pm

    >implying we don’t all have a tattoo of Brain’s girlfriend somewhere on our bodies.

  • Evil_Spoon21 12.01.12 @ 3:44am

    I told myself i wasn’t going to make a call me maybe joke. But i want to get Barry Oulette tattooed on my tummy. WOuld there happen to be any copyright issues?

  • Evil_Spoon21 12.01.12 @ 3:41am

    I just met you and this is crazy, so heres where im going to put our babies

  • Eluv 11.30.12 @ 3:53pm

    Chronicles of a Love Unfound, by Michael E. Peter.

  • Ian 11.30.12 @ 10:53am

    Ahh Britanick…

  • BMDNERD 11.30.12 @ 8:14am

    So…does he think she’s hot?

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 11.30.12 @ 7:33am

    @ tron: you’ve had a fantasy about being caught obsessing over a porn star, by that same porn star?

    To each his own, I guess.

    /I give this video four Flickr accounts and a “hidden” Picasa account
    //you know, don’t want to accidentally lose anything

  • HaroldJohanson 11.30.12 @ 5:50am

    Note the poster with Kelsey. I guess we know who’s next.

  • bigsoph 11.30.12 @ 5:26am

    Remember my name, baby. Because you are going to be saying it later. To the cops for them to write on the restraining order.


  • tron 11.30.12 @ 5:25am

    I’ve had this same fantasy, only with a pornstar, not a model.  I mean, come on.

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