Socks and Sandals

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Something about the two items just "go" together. Kinda like fire and kerosene. Chlorine and bleach. Peanut butter and dogshit.


  • oonwxtmegl 12.02.16 @ 4:00pm

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  • antoniusdouglass 04.24.14 @ 6:56pm


  • Cocy 09.19.12 @ 1:30pm

    loooooooooooooooooool!!!!! MOOOORE

  • Grumpalumpagus 06.18.12 @ 11:56am

    I’m with “U know what it is”. 

    I watch this every week, especially when my buddy who constantly wears socks with sandles is visiting.  It never gets old.

  • Man Solo 02.29.12 @ 3:31pm

    Oh, Brian.

  • U know what it is 02.14.12 @ 4:23pm

    I watched about. 3 million times….......never gets old

  • mcdkaiy 12.22.11 @ 4:03am


  • Otacon239 11.06.11 @ 1:45am

    Really. Just don’t.

  • Sherlock 06.09.11 @ 1:27pm

    I find this insulting. Personally insulting. I look very fashionable in my cargo pants with socks and imitation Birkenstock sandals. And usually a suede button-up shirt (untucked). And my long, fluffy hair and short beard.

  • Awesome Pam 05.07.11 @ 10:49am

    You’re missing a piece. It’s not just socks and sandals, but shorts too. It’s perfectly acceptable here in Seattle.

  • kiwi 05.06.11 @ 2:50am

    i must say that this is most common in new zealand… its really a staple outfit for us :L

  • SeattleGuy 05.03.11 @ 2:44pm

    But, that’s perfectly acceptable business attire here in Seattle.

  • Spencer 02.21.11 @ 6:22pm

    thank god someone actually hit it on the head. no one should ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wear socks and sandals. When you wear opentoed shoes then your feet are exposed.

  • George Hanson 02.16.11 @ 10:17am

    They’re not scared of your socks and sandels, they’re scared of what your socks and sandels represent to ‘em.  Freedom.

  • Jeeze 02.16.11 @ 8:23am

    Little harsh, wouldn’t you say, Brian?

  • FromAccounting 02.15.11 @ 9:08pm

    Guys, this is really important. This video loaded right as started and it worked very well.

  • ABC-Hole 02.15.11 @ 4:49pm

    Oh man23

  • eeek 02.15.11 @ 4:04pm

    All I remember about wearing socks and sandals is something from Rocket Power where people who did that were called “SHOOBIES”

    idk wtf lol

  • Tommy 02.15.11 @ 3:57pm

    my ex-roommate always used to do this. but hes an63 asshole

  • Yes75 02.15.11 @ 2:57pm


  • Matthew Perry 02.15.11 @ 2:33pm

    I don’t think he’ll be trying39 to make any more fashion statements any time soon.

  • Ecomeco 02.15.11 @ 12:18pm

    Socks and Sandals are more common in Europe, but so is men kissing as a greeting and men wearing banana hammocks.

    Your argument is invalid.

  • Laurel-Boral 02.15.11 @ 12:15pm

    This video triggers my PTSD from living in Santa Cruz. Sock and Sandals EVERYWHERE.

  • Dr.Doom 02.15.11 @ 11:32am

    Socks and Sandals ‘r indeed common in Europe :3

  • SPAM,SPAM,SPAM, SPAM and SPAM 02.15.11 @ 11:31am

    Only if you’re wearing pajamas at three in the afternoon at the Grocery store, is this acceptable. Case Closed15.

  • Damn ants! 02.15.11 @ 9:28am

    Well, they shouldn’t be.

  • Mr. Obvious 02.15.11 @ 9:23am

    Socks and sandals play56 well in Seattle, too.

  • Stocks n' socks 02.15.11 @ 8:42am

    Only in the states is this not ok. It’s complete64ly commonplace and accepted in Europe.

  • Beanz 02.15.11 @ 8:12am

    Also, did you guys get a nicer camera recently?

  • QUiXiLVER 02.15.11 @ 7:20am

    I advise you not. -_-

  • ThatDoesNOTRock 02.15.11 @ 6:51am

    A point further elaborated upon by this:

  • Jesus 02.15.11 @ 6:25am

    Looks more like socks and *puts on sunglasses* scandals.

  • Nelson 02.15.11 @ 5:48am

    You guys are being mean. He has the freedom33 to wear whatever he wants.

  • Klarden 02.15.11 @ 4:51am

    Oh, come on. It’s okay. As long as your socks don’t stink. And they’re not glued to your sandals, as in this video

  • I should Hide 02.15.11 @ 4:50am

    I’m wearing socks and sandals right now…..

  • That One Guy 02.15.11 @ 4:25am

    Well, shit. Now I have to go change my pants.

  • NoOriginStory 02.15.11 @ 3:00am

    Which is exactly what SHOULD happen.

  • Petter 02.15.11 @ 2:40am

    It’s simply not okay.

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