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Even worse, the pen was manufactured by Help! I'm Marooned on an Island Off the Coast of Beirut, Stationery. Which doesn't make Rouss' situation - about 500 mi off of Namibia - any easier.


  • Neo Parker 07.25.14 @ 10:16pm

    It is really a great post , really enjoyed while reading this

  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:39am

    Run after it you piece of shit

  • jamesadams 12.07.11 @ 9:59am

    Price of Cuban cigars fall if the trade embargois removed?

  • jamesadams 12.07.11 @ 12:34am

    It should be fine, cigars are usually packaged so well that they won’t dry out in transit. Just make sure you get them straight in a humidor. Even if they do dry out a bit, it won’t be the end of the world, you will be able to revive them.  Our online store provide Handmade cuban cigars, visit us and buy some online if you are interested.

  • Greadewem 12.06.11 @ 2:20pm

    I’m 17, and I want to pick up some cigars for my grandfather, will I be able to buy them in Chicago?

  • Greadewem 12.05.11 @ 9:00pm

    Is it possible to age cigars?

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    I’ve sent this video to all my friends who used to do some stupid things! smile

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    S.O.S. is a great film. I really like it.

  • cheap papers 03.27.11 @ 12:05pm

    ahaha, the video looks really fun) but didn’t really like the main character in it

  • Rolan 06.09.10 @ 8:01pm

    no… that’s definitely a piano… that note played on a bass string emits a similar (obviously) but tonally different sound…

  • Him 05.27.10 @ 4:14pm

    That could also be a bass and not a piano.

  • Dana Johnson 03.04.10 @ 3:22am

    The five second decision- where babies come from.

  • Pieter 01.28.10 @ 1:47pm


  • Alya 01.11.10 @ 6:33am


  • Kevin 11.19.09 @ 10:51pm

    Where did you guys find such a realistic ocean?

  • delossantosj 10.22.09 @ 7:50pm

    he puts the pen in the bottle lol what a dumby!!!

  • Random...flowers..? 10.09.09 @ 10:16am

    Fuck that. i wouldve been running through the water to get it back.

  • kaisean 10.01.09 @ 6:37pm

    the worst mistake you can make if your trpped on an island.

  • Jeff 09.27.09 @ 7:28pm

    Haha… the piano note… Johnny Quickdeath, you will always be remembered.

  • johnny d 09.23.09 @ 3:34pm

    hah the ominous paino note is great!! lol

  • Your Biological Father 09.23.09 @ 1:58pm

    This is something I would have done.

  • TV's Max Geiger 09.23.09 @ 11:12am

    This is every mistake I have ever made. :(

  • cpkelly 09.23.09 @ 9:08am

    It reminds me of that old joke, about the the blond with a tampon behind her ear who can’t find her pencil…

  • Jim 09.23.09 @ 8:26am

    hahaha i love it. perfect example of why less is more

    and i agree with “Kevin”. a 5sf symbol would be cool

  • Kevin 09.23.09 @ 1:01am

    Yes simplistic and cute. On another note, you guys should figure it out so you have a cool/recognizable icon that floats at the left side of the name of the site when your site is bookmarked.

  • Frog 09.22.09 @ 11:53pm

    This one, may be one of the greats.  Good work.

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