Stand-Up Comedian In Space!!!

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All this anti-, alt-, awkward-comedy bullshit is really starting to get on my fucking space nerves these days. Think they're so clever. Write a damn Earth joke already.


  • yxipasx 12.04.16 @ 5:09am

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  • kovmyk 12.01.16 @ 7:15am

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  • Bob Dole 04.07.13 @ 4:50pm

    I actually suddenly get the joke here, and the undertone point. Also, I agree.

  • Dawg 12.09.11 @ 8:32am


  • that guy 12.08.11 @ 5:19pm


  • absurdist 12.08.11 @ 5:09pm

    that amount of understatement in this is hilarious. :D


  • Man Solo 12.08.11 @ 4:24pm


  • Wesley 12.08.11 @ 2:23pm

    There is no sound in space. Why is there wind whistling?

  • short and stout 12.08.11 @ 1:33pm

    I think the joke has something to do with being a little teapot

  • Me_Goddammit 12.08.11 @ 12:38pm

    Wow, we found a less funny comedian than Racist Baby.  Still yet to find one less funny than Roseanne Barr.

    Gotta figure out a way to launch rotten food into space.

  • GorillASnacks 12.08.11 @ 12:29pm

    I saw this one coming a light year away.

  • HCW 12.08.11 @ 12:01pm

    this reminds me of the short animation “Space Wolf” by Grickle

  • padurn 12.08.11 @ 10:34am

    Standing up is relative.

  • techwitch 12.08.11 @ 10:21am

    the mike shouldnt feedback, theres no sound in spaceeeee!  *puts on sunglases*

  • AfricanBabies 12.08.11 @ 10:13am

    Hoorah for anti-jokes!

  • 5dollarfootlong 12.08.11 @ 7:09am

    See the rack on that mic stand? Holy cow, marry me, mic stand! Have mah babies!

  • Yoyomom 12.08.11 @ 3:18am

    BAW! That was a non-sequitur!

  • Space Guy 12.08.11 @ 2:09am

    Far out, that film was infinitely better than anything I could have predicted from the title!

  • Mr Thursday 12.08.11 @ 1:17am

    In space, no one can hear your joke.

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