Sunday Morning Strut

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​Neither of them died. Death is a construct, waiting to be escaped. However, they both got old and feeble, living eternally at the age of 85, as years blended into seconds blended into fortnights, everyone they knew passed away before their withered dry eyeballs and their tortured souls ached for the sweet release of darkness.


  • kpjnfb 12.03.16 @ 4:43am

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  • BMDNERD 02.12.13 @ 4:47pm

    I’ve noticed recently that whenever Alec Owen is in a sketch with Olivia, he always does something wrong. This video, Sex Toys, and XXXmas Cookies all support this statement.

  • Kalvyn Evans 02.12.13 @ 9:49am

    I can’t get over how funny this is.

  • YODAPWN 02.10.13 @ 3:29pm

    Most videos I’ve seen are him coming out to the world.  Through time and space we see a man with great courage who doesn’t allow societal standards to dictate his life in any way shape or form.  It’s this that makes humanity great… I’m hungry for a sandwich bye!

  • FuckYouPaul 02.10.13 @ 10:58am

    Neither of them died because neither of them are Paul

  • HeyListen 02.10.13 @ 1:05am

    So I get that the song is by the Bee Gees, and the lyrics and actions match up with said song, but if instead the chosen song had been by Marvin Gaye, I do believe my mind would have been thoroughly blown. An example “I been feelin’ ... gay…”
    ” ... ”
    “I’m sorry”

  • Cherub Cow 02.10.13 @ 12:25am

    I really felt a connection with the video description narrative this week. 5sf is capturing the soul of “shamelessly killing actors on the background of The Twilight Zone.”
    Bravo, 5sf.

  • Don Keyknuckle 02.09.13 @ 2:32pm

    Is this the logical follow-up to “Confused Dick”?
    Also: Hurray, they actually corrected the video image!

  • Peacebone22 02.09.13 @ 1:53pm

    is it just me or have the past few video descriptions been a bit dark?

  • PJF 02.09.13 @ 10:38am

    As a manly lover of the BeeGees and other 70’s pop and funk I don’t see the problem.  Plus Alec is quite dashing in that retro gear… oh wait…

  • AverageJoe 02.08.13 @ 10:50pm


    Not sure. if I. should feel complimented. or insulted.
    Also. why are we. speaking like. William Shatner?

  • NoCleverUsername 02.08.13 @ 9:12pm

    And thus Bummer Week 2 quietly came to a close.

  • FriendOfDorothy 02.08.13 @ 6:35pm

    Seems like a slowly dawning revelation for this guy… ( )

    Which, you know, if he needs help figuring it out… he can give me a call.  Ever since Brian started getting friendly with that lady of the opposite sex, I’ve had nowhere to direct my fanboy daydreams! :’(

  • MatthiasKL 02.08.13 @ 6:17pm

    @Don: Both, actually.  It lasts the whole damn weekend.

  • themingemobile 02.08.13 @ 1:16pm

    Even when Olivia is dressed as a guy, it’s still Jon Worley

  • Don Keyknuckle 02.08.13 @ 11:56am

    Wait. The video title says “Sunday Morning Strut”, but the video image at the bottom says “Saturday Morning Strut”. So, which one is it? I GOTSTA KNOW!!!

  • JustinDoesn'tNeedACleverName 02.08.13 @ 9:45am

    Upon years of investigating his inability to be aroused by Olivia, Alec finally realized that his infatuation with disco jackets, gold chains, and the BeeGees confirmed that he was, in fact, gay.

  • Mystiquecon 02.08.13 @ 8:46am

    That fence has seen more epiphanies than Taylor Swift’s exes realizing their going to be her next big hit.

  • miked 02.08.13 @ 7:18am


  • X0505 02.08.13 @ 6:32am

    Fence of realisation

  • AverageJoe 02.08.13 @ 5:05am

    I, too, am disappointed by the lack of death here. Not because I wanted anyone to die, but because I thought I had figured out why the descriptions kept making everyone die. I realized that the deaths vaguely matched with the poem in Agatha Christie’s book ‘And Then There Were None’, for example:

    “Ten little Soldier Boys went out to dine;
    One choked his little self and then there were nine.” - Paul went out and was killed by a banana, possibly for revenge, and was stopping him before he could cause any more harm to food by going out to eat.

    “Nine little Soldier Boys sat up very late;
    One overslept himself and then there were eight.” - Hobo Michael froze to death during the night.

    “Eight little Soldier Boys travelling in Devon;
    One said he’d stay there and then there were seven.” - Andrew W.K. caused Brian and Maria to travel to New York, where they all died and stayed… along with millions of others.

    Due to the crazy way my head works, I thought you were doing something really clever. It’s kind of a let down that it wasn’t what I thought it was, even if it was a huuuuge stretch, but hey, still a funny week.

    Also, I wonder if there’s a character limit for these comments… let’s find out!

  • bigsoph 02.08.13 @ 4:57am


    No, seriously…  that’s actually proper in this context

  • Wilbo 02.08.13 @ 4:01am

    That blonde afro was a bit much for me. I don’t know how I can go on knowing that an oddly big blonde afro exists…

  • Willmo 02.08.13 @ 3:49am

    Nobody died? I want my money back.

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