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Whatever you do, live death to the fullest.


  • kghpnoco 12.01.16 @ 9:02am

    FuNewQ khaklqqblfzk, xtljgnzekjcd, [link=]voydxnooclqr[/link],

  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:39am

    Well that backfired badly…

  • Saöz 03.27.12 @ 2:02am

    the best.

  • Man Solo 02.23.12 @ 12:28pm

    I still love this one.

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  • Zawa 07.06.11 @ 1:46pm

    This one is so awesome. I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve watched it and it still makes me laugh. Definitely my favorite on the site.

  • Rocketsniper 06.30.11 @ 9:21am

    This is my favorite one, after like a year.

  • juicy couture outlet 05.28.11 @ 12:37am

    in your doorway. Funny and

  • Tak 03.06.11 @ 3:42pm

    Reminiscent of Hellsing…

  • notsocuddly 02.07.11 @ 7:31pm

    Greatest last words ever!

  • Eric 12.30.10 @ 12:56pm

    Strike me down and I will become more terrifying than you can possibly imagine?

  • ZombieBuffet 11.19.10 @ 12:15pm

    It’s that time of the month28.

  • Chimp 11.11.10 @ 6:54pm

    guys this is one of my favorite! FINALLY!!!!

  • Matthew 10.27.10 @ 2:00am


  • Ian 10.25.10 @ 7:16pm

    I’ve never found this frightening or creepy or anything.  TVTropes is wrong.

  • merryxmas 07.27.10 @ 1:19pm

    I just cried from laughing.  Best. facial. expressions. (on BOTH of them) ever.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.23.10 @ 7:33pm

    I think i just found myself some last words.

  • AnarchistGrandpa 07.08.10 @ 9:22am

    SCAAAARRYYY! that freaked me out

  • Peaches 05.23.10 @ 6:05pm

    wait, this means all hippies can’t wait for death right? Get a job you morbid hippies

  • TheBigMystery 05.08.10 @ 12:04pm

    I made a post! FINALLY!!!!!!

  • chimera 04.26.10 @ 4:17pm

    .... um does it mean i need therapy that that made me laugh uncontrollably?

  • Gopher 04.17.10 @ 10:26pm

    I had to watch it twenty more times before I stopped lol’ing and merely giggle everytime. I don’t think I can stop liking it though. Hahaha

  • Unfire 04.08.10 @ 9:46am

    The one dying shouldn’t be the ONLY one freaking out after all.

  • Guy in tha bak 04.03.10 @ 6:15pm

    @Brian Firenzi
    Wat photo is scott talkin about?

  • The OTHER Brian 04.01.10 @ 8:36pm

    I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve watched this damned video…It’s still FUCKING HYSTERICAL!!!!!

  • Pieter 01.28.10 @ 1:43pm

    i have seen this about 100 times, and its still funny

  • andrew 01.28.10 @ 10:01am

    i can honestly say this changed my life.  thankyou.

  • noob 01.24.10 @ 10:27am

    oh god
    he doesn’t dead? nice

  • WhyBother123 01.19.10 @ 9:33pm

    I can watch this over and over, and it’s still just as funny as the first time. This is 4 hours after initial viewing now, and there are tears in my eyes. The expressions alone…

  • Sarcastic Name 12.18.09 @ 12:15pm

    Is that the Pizza my heart shirt again?

  • THE BEST THING EVER 10.08.09 @ 11:11pm

    OMG THIS ROCKED SO HARD the guy with the knife face changes dramaticaly when he says YES FINALLY FINALLY!

  • The OTHER Brian 10.02.09 @ 6:18pm

    Only Satan knows what happened to Brian

  • Val 09.30.09 @ 10:59am

    lol I love this one! So disturbing, it’s awesome! Great facial expressions on both.

  • Miles 09.29.09 @ 6:18pm

    I liked it. I liked it a lot.

  • Dav 09.27.09 @ 9:07pm

    Ha! Still laughing. Damn. I like Brian’s face. XD

  • Jeff 09.27.09 @ 7:31pm

    Well, now I know how to react if I get stabbed.

  • Brian Firenzi 09.26.09 @ 8:44am


    Sure, it’s your photo. mmmDon’t care.

  • Scott 09.26.09 @ 2:14am

    Hey, my photo.

  • Blcbb 09.24.09 @ 9:45pm

    Awesome. I can totally imagine a tongue kiss at the end, with blood dripping from their interlocked lips.
    I think the stabber got in elbow deep.

  • fat larry and skinny pete 09.24.09 @ 8:09pm

    why is there a magazine rack in his house?

  • Bigwes 09.24.09 @ 5:12pm


  • thetatersupreme 09.24.09 @ 2:19pm

    that must’ve been a really long knife

  • Shmoe 09.24.09 @ 2:04pm

    hahahha Intense!

  • brocktoune 09.24.09 @ 1:44pm

    Next time you guys make a movie where Grant gets stabbed, dibs on the stabbing

  • //_O 09.24.09 @ 12:42pm

    oh darn. how is going to get that knife out of that poor chap’s abdomen??

  • staniel 09.24.09 @ 12:30pm

    dude thats punk rock.

  • TheAllanG 09.24.09 @ 11:07am

    Fuckin awesome.

  • Your Biological Father 09.24.09 @ 10:11am

    Man, that’s one way to make sure your murderer never sleeps soundly again.

  • jubbs 09.24.09 @ 9:16am


  • shimmy shimmy coa-coa puff 09.24.09 @ 9:09am

    oh wow, lmao XD

  • engen 09.24.09 @ 8:45am

    the man with the knife is a “giver”

  • Cloven 09.24.09 @ 5:29am

    Well, I sure wouldn’t want to live in that neighbourhood, guys stabbing you at random in your doorway. Funny and disturbing, good work.

  • no ones banjo 09.24.09 @ 4:58am

    That was funny but slightly disturbing. Good job guys! :D

  • Saikyo Mog 09.24.09 @ 3:15am


  • SJK 09.24.09 @ 12:25am

    I dont think I will ever be the same. (In a good way?)

  • moog 09.24.09 @ 12:17am

    Everyone now needs therapy.

  • zambo. 09.24.09 @ 12:15am

    wow. i dont ever need to see that again.

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