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Mrs. Blaumfgartner coughed loudly, and with a purpose. Her eyes were staring directly at the student in the back of the class. The scribbling of pencils dribbled to a stop. Soon, only the tick-tock of the second hand could be heard. Everyone knew Jimmy was in for it this time. "So, what sort of life-affirming statement have you got there this time, Jimmy?" She sniped. "Don't answer that. You'll be getting low marks for optimism, and I'll see you in after-school deflation." The rest of the class breathed in heavily and resumed their tests, making sure not to smile or nod their heads enthusiastically.


  • Ezlife34 10.31.10 @ 4:41pm


  • Ezlife34 10.31.10 @ 4:41pm

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  • Da Rule 08.04.10 @ 5:21pm

    Nice and simple wicked.

  • OneRandomEncounter 08.03.10 @ 12:29pm

    Optimism. He haz it.

  • Decadency 08.01.10 @ 1:13am

    I just noticed this but.. Why does it say pn or an instead of pm or am.. on the timestamps

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.31.10 @ 11:29am

    Holy crap there’s a moral here.

  • Monika's Dad 07.31.10 @ 9:13am

    This is the best 5SF of them all.  Well done, little booger-eaters.

  • Hugh 07.28.10 @ 6:15pm

    Wasn’t this on FML at some point recently?

  • From Accounting 07.27.10 @ 10:57pm

    Mom used to write me those notes.

  • Mister Kay 07.27.10 @ 10:26pm

    I know how to pass my classes. I’ll just use this method23

  • See? 07.27.10 @ 9:09pm

    Barrel.  Missed.  Woot.

  • Desvairada 07.27.10 @ 4:46pm

    At first I was expecting the obvious, or perhaps something gross or distasteful on his hand.  But then I saw it, and a pleasant smile came across my face.

  • Ian 07.27.10 @ 1:19pm

    I want to do this now, even though I know my teacher would give me the evil eye43.

  • FruSla 07.27.10 @ 10:43am

    Would you fuck me Johnny Utah?

    I’d fuck me so hard75.

  • LuisN 07.27.10 @ 9:06am

    ME, he is not necessarily a spammer, just, a nuisance.

  • ME 07.27.10 @ 9:01am

    Does anyone ever actually check JU5SF’s links?  I don’t because Spammers SUCK.

  • Rollergirl 07.27.10 @ 8:58am

    I love sucking cock!!  Oh I loooove sucking cock!!!

  • nick 07.27.10 @ 7:49am

    this was awesome because it wasn’t horrifying. though i have to admit the horrifying ones are pretty funny

  • mexA 07.27.10 @ 6:35am

    I totally read that in the voice of that guy in The Waterboy.

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 07.27.10 @ 6:34am

    Mrs. Blaumfgartner eh, i remember her when she allowed optimism, but then she dissapeared, when she returned she was changed… forever.

  • Totti 07.27.10 @ 6:12am


  • rekzie 07.27.10 @ 5:49am

    He’s so relieved once he reads his “notes”... I love it! hahaha

  • Simon says 07.27.10 @ 5:45am

    Just like auntie Sarah taught him…

  • poiyt 07.27.10 @ 12:16am

    finally a good one

  • The New GameCube 07.26.10 @ 11:47pm

    yes we can!

  • Jim 07.26.10 @ 11:18pm

    This was absolutely amazing for so many reasons….i mean, with total honesty, the perfect 5sf. well done.

    to reiterate, that was not sarcasm

  • JU5SF 07.26.10 @ 11:03pm

    You can do it LuisN. Look at his palm.

  • LuisN 07.26.10 @ 11:01pm

    GAH! Alas, so close. Maybe next time.

  • LuisN 07.26.10 @ 11:01pm

    I just hope I beat Johnny Utah to it…

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