That Time of The Month

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Ever since the company switched their target demo to "Stupid men who couldn't possibly understand what we go through every month," sales have increased 36,000%.


  • jktdywd 11.30.16 @ 11:27pm

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  • Bailey 06.29.12 @ 5:07pm

    At our house, we call it Shark Week.

    There’s blood in the water, and it’s all but guaranteed that a stupid fuck is going to get ripped apart at some point.

  • Mels Bells 06.29.12 @ 2:22am

    @ibs2pid Oh My God.

    Okay, now I’m kinda turned on by that…

  • HolidayKirk 06.28.12 @ 5:01pm

    This website has gotten REALLY good. There hasnt been a bad video in a long time.

  • ibs2pid 06.28.12 @ 9:57am

    @melsBells Meat logs

  • El Gorlaco 06.28.12 @ 9:51am


    Great videos coming out lately.

    Is Ben Gigli writing these?  They just give off his sexy vibe.

  • antiavenger 06.28.12 @ 6:00am

    I’m surprised this wasn’t a Hillshire Farm plug! Go Meat!

  • Mr Fist 06.28.12 @ 5:06am

    Remember that time when you ran over that man with your car and left him for dead thinking that no one saw you?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers…

  • Here's the thing,... 06.28.12 @ 5:03am

    ‘Member that time of the month you spent hours talkin’ her into the ‘other’ kind of sex? ‘Member she kept sayin’ ‘Ow’ and you pretended not to hear? ‘Member she cried herself to sleep?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Pepperidge Farm always remembers, you filthy bastard.

  • Mels Bells 06.28.12 @ 2:33am

    Pepperidge Farm and blowobs…I will spend the rest of my day trying to figure out the connection.

  • padurn 06.28.12 @ 12:35am

    For a second, I thought the dog made it. Great horror face at the end.

  • TheOnlyChuck 06.28.12 @ 12:02am

    or something like that

  • TheOnlyChuck 06.28.12 @ 12:02am

    My GYN said no sex.
    well what did your dentist say?

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