The Devil’s Delorean

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​ORIGINAL PROMPT: "The scene is set where Alec is upset and tells his friend the Devil (Ben), he wishes he could go back in time. The Devil says he can help with that. The next bit will take some recording, playing in reverse and learning to talk and move backwards, so the final product can be shot in while acting and speaking in reverse and then reversed so it is ""normal"". (Try saying ""neeowf see shnis-hos"" and then reversing it you wont regret it). Brian can come running into the house yelling ""turn it off, turrrnn ittt offfff"" while Alec is walking into the bathroom to take a reverse toilet break while pleading help. In the meantime, some other 5sf cast could be in background throwing buckets of water on each other while Brian is running though the yard, and flour at each other inside (looks cool in reverse) etc. End with Devil laughing (learned in reverse and then reversed) tl;dr A 5fs learned and filmed in reverse as to reverse it so it goes forward. Damn Devil."


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