The Herstory of Cinco de Mayo

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The ultrasounds from a few months ago detected empty bottles of Bushmill's, a sombrero and a full beard. It looked like Lamaze class wasn't going to be un paseo por el parque after all.


  • ysspygphlc 12.01.16 @ 12:06pm

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  • Matthew Perry 05.18.12 @ 4:52pm

    Pretty new girl appearance #10. We’ve hit the decade mark.


  • Edward 05.10.12 @ 10:47am

    1985?  Son of a bitch, you people are younger than I?

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.08.12 @ 3:49pm

    Came back just to see this again, but then I saw the comments.

    Who are all these Shills for Dale’s Asstacular Beer?  Unless I managed to get a spoiled one, that stuff is utter swill!

  • The Royal Jizzum Taster 05.07.12 @ 11:36am

    In my expert opinion, it’s more than acceptable to drink Dale’s while pregnant. Who doesn’t want their baby to develop good taste in beer?

  • padurn 05.06.12 @ 4:26pm

    I love this - I hear Beavis and Butthead at the end.

  • bonesawisready 05.06.12 @ 10:35am

    There is never a reason to not be drinking Dales Pale Ale.

  • evileekhoorn 05.06.12 @ 8:56am

    How did they get bottled liquor in the womb?

  • WhiteGuy 05.06.12 @ 2:37am

    One can only hope, somorastik.

  • somorastik 05.05.12 @ 11:30pm

    After watching this for the last three years I still havent learned the HISTORY of Cinco de Mayo. Did Olivias boobs get bigger after this pregnancy btw?

  • rhiga 05.05.12 @ 11:26pm

    Rockin a beard in the womb? Now that’s a true man.

  • Aw 05.05.12 @ 10:14pm

    Congratulations, it’s taken you 4 years to produce 20 seconds of awesomeness.

  • cronk 05.05.12 @ 9:15pm

    was worried that you guys couldn’t deliver yet again on cinco de mayo… kudos and thank you!

    since this is pretty much the benchmark date for your films, do you spend all year trying to come up with a good cinco de mayo film?

  • BravoBeckett 05.05.12 @ 5:50pm

    Yet another amazing video because of my crippling ADHD it is to easy to

  • El Sandwicho 05.05.12 @ 1:28pm

    Arriba!  Una tradicion muy caliente!

  • Here's the thing... 05.05.12 @ 12:16pm

    IAlso, I suspect there will be a lot of freeze frames on Olivia pouring stuff into her open mouth.

  • DerVikingTron 05.05.12 @ 10:08am

    This has already made my day. Brilliant

  • u.r.n. my power 05.05.12 @ 9:43am

    I really like this kind of dark humor you guys have been doing since bummer week.

  • theajtruth 05.05.12 @ 9:17am

    Damnit I think It’s the fact that I haven’t had any sleep in days but everything I watch lloks like Bullshit. I’ll watch this after sleeping love 5sf!

  • Peacekraft 05.05.12 @ 2:59am

    Brilliant. Expectations exceeded again!

  • Umanskii 05.05.12 @ 2:10am


  • Ian 05.05.12 @ 12:17am

    That fetus has quite the beard.

  • brian6010 05.04.12 @ 6:02pm

    I have been waiting for this all year. Thank you so much for making the wait worth it!

  • NOYOURNAMEHERE 05.04.12 @ 5:51pm

    My mom aborted my sister like that.

  • Hooligan Natural 05.04.12 @ 4:07pm

    5 second mark.  Photoshop.  ????  Profit.

  • tron 05.04.12 @ 3:45pm

    fucking lost it at the belly-punch

  • VincentD 05.04.12 @ 3:29pm

    @Dick Steel. That’s not a Coke, it’s Tecate, it’s a beer

  • Dick Steel 05.04.12 @ 3:00pm

    Wait. That Mexican has a Coke. THAT IS NOT THE CINCO DE MAYO SPIRIT ASS HOLE!

  • Dick Steel 05.04.12 @ 2:57pm


  • Matt 05.04.12 @ 2:23pm

    I second that, I thought you couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations this cinco de mayo. I’ve been waiting for this for months, and now i can say i really was FUCKING WRONG.
    This one is super classy and intense.
    muchos hornos para ustedes, pinche pollo loco!!!! ay ay ay andale!!

  • Artifice 05.04.12 @ 1:23pm

    i thought there was no way for it to live up to my expectations this year but I was FUCKING WRONG

  • Cinekshorty 05.04.12 @ 1:06pm

    ohhh daaamn! im late! Cinco de Mayo rulez! :D

  • JOHN HEINZE 05.04.12 @ 12:18pm

    This isn’t as intense as the other sinko D mayonese.

  • Bob Dole 05.04.12 @ 11:45am


  • HCW 05.04.12 @ 10:41am


  • Matchstickman 05.04.12 @ 10:23am


    That is all, go about your drinking now peoples.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 05.04.12 @ 10:08am

    I laughed until I cried—because how can we possibly top a good fetus-punch joke next year?

    I guess we’ll either see “chinga de mayo” puns featuring a nekkid Brian and a jar of Miracle Whip, or maybe they’ll just do a shark-jumping video.  I weep in fear, gentlemen.

    /Doy este video cinco plantas de agave.

  • Jeroen 05.04.12 @ 9:21am

    Look what I found: Seen any familiar faces?

  • Here's the thing... 05.04.12 @ 9:08am

    Funnily enough, that’s pretty close to how they got pregant in the first place.

  • Westicle 05.04.12 @ 9:04am

    I came to 5SF today just to find the old Cinco de Mayo video and this made things 10 times better.

  • padurn 05.04.12 @ 8:05am

    Exceptional - now I can start my therapy.

  • monsterhunter 05.04.12 @ 7:23am

    It’s May 5th.  Finally…FINALLY

  • Matthew Perry 05.04.12 @ 7:22am

    Back left. New pretty girl appearance #9.

    P.S. Thanks for reading my comment on the last comments of the week video. Except for you, Rousellet. Fuck you. Not only did you confuse the one and only Chandler with somebody who never even appeared on Friends (the sign of a weak human, like you), but you didn’t read my capcha, which I put great thought into every single post.


  • Mels Bells 05.04.12 @ 5:36am

    I see Dimo Higgins in the background…is he on some undercover assignment?

  • Rick 05.04.12 @ 5:33am

    I had totally forgotten about Cinco de Mayo until this video. Look forward to these every year

  • Kylogram 05.04.12 @ 5:01am

    I am suddenly reminded of Weinerville…

  • kendilious 05.04.12 @ 4:17am

    hahaha Everyone of the Cinco de Mayo videos has been great.  Looking forward to next year!

  • Bret 05.04.12 @ 4:12am

    Explains ALLOT… based on a true story?

  • Salty 05.04.12 @ 4:04am

    Brian I don’t wanna drink anymore

  • zhekazlo 05.04.12 @ 2:24am

    That was just gross and inapropraite. JUST HOW I MOTHERFUCKING LIKE IT.
    P.S. if you are reading this, you’re awesome

  • Curtis 05.04.12 @ 1:45am

    This is the only reason why I care about Cinco de Mayo every year

  • ibs2pid 05.04.12 @ 12:35am

    Holy fucking shit I have been waiting for this since last year!!!!

  • Man Solo 05.04.12 @ 12:33am

    I pissed myself to the womb-punching.

    I love you guys. I really do.

  • Srsly tho 05.04.12 @ 12:22am

    The bar has been raised

  • Where'd My Abs Go? 05.04.12 @ 12:20am

    Oh dear…5secondfilms…Cinco De Mayo is where you truly shine

  • Cam Cacananta 05.04.12 @ 12:06am

    My god! This is terrible!... I loved it.

  • kalvynevans 05.04.12 @ 12:04am

    So hard. I laughed… so hard.

  • Synchronicity 05.04.12 @ 12:02am

    That… explains *a lot.*

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