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"Time Enough At Last...To Wank" was the weirdest episode of Kidz' Twilight Zone that Nick Jr. ever aired, and really made things awkward for the show's time slot partner, "Blowjay the Whale." (Animation by Chris Allison from!)


  • tpniyvbqu 12.03.16 @ 12:17pm

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  • adromachadi 12.05.12 @ 6:28pm


  • kirun 12.02.12 @ 8:39pm

    you guys should collabo more often.

  • srsly tho 11.29.12 @ 10:33am

    Timothy Ciancio - Thanks for the link.  His stuffs quality.  Bookmarked :D

  • Beavis 11.29.12 @ 6:16am

    At least he’s got his books…

  • jared 11.28.12 @ 8:44pm

    The sound effects sell it.

  • Timothy Ciancio 11.28.12 @ 7:56pm

    Srsly tho - This was a guest artist collabo with Chris Allison from An almost daily web comic that we fan and fancy.

  • JC 11.28.12 @ 6:36pm

    Sweet, i got the twilight zone reference right away—an awesome episode.

  • srsly tho 11.28.12 @ 4:11pm

    Whos the artist?
    This is a good step above your usual animation quality.

  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 11.28.12 @ 10:36am

    He managed to survive by hiding behind all the masturbating dinosaurs

  • tron 11.28.12 @ 4:30am

    How the hell DID the T-Rex get anything accomplished with those tiny arms?  I can’t even imagine going in shtitzel-first with no hands for guidance.  That takes skill.  Skill that I don’t have.

  • Spoonlady 11.28.12 @ 2:56am

    Oh. My. God.

    It’s, it’s too beautiful for words.

    I give this 5 handjobs and 3 dry humps.

  • Thwomp 11.28.12 @ 2:55am

    This is actually really deep. I mean, seriously, think about it.

    I’m kidding. Don’t think about it. I’m drunk. I did laugh, though.

  • kalvynevans 11.28.12 @ 1:49am


  • Henry Bemis 11.28.12 @ 1:47am

    If they’re all dead, his species was doomed anyways. Would he even know what masturbation is?

    Why doesn’t he use that purple dino butthole behind him instead?

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