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There was a dummy attache, filled with old Bennigan's receipts, that kept the cops busy while they drained the Hudson looking for it. Meanwhile, an inconspicuous tan Chevy sped off into the marshland, eventually climbing higher and higher into the sky and disappearing with a twinkly flourish. Only the children noticed, as children often do. But alas, it was not enough evidence for the prosecution to push for Murder 1.


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  • padurn 12.26.11 @ 1:01am

    That’s a Pelican 1450 case.

  • Man Solo 12.22.11 @ 4:11pm

    Who knew that Santa was so easily bought?

  • lolwut 12.22.11 @ 3:53pm

    oh god the 180 rule.

  • ME_Goddammit 12.22.11 @ 8:24am

    Is that the Nesquick Bunny?

  • Oatmeal 12.22.11 @ 2:31am

    I want a 5 min version of this. It would be epic.

  • Matchstickman 12.22.11 @ 1:47am

    Who has santa brought as ‘muscle’?
    It doesn’t look like an elf or reindeer… who else is there?

  • drk 12.22.11 @ 12:41am

    I confirm! They were bad screenwriters this year! “Santasgate” will bury you

  • Leon 12.22.11 @ 12:13am

    Double chocolate chip cookies in there.

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