The Master

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Oscar Week begins with this hilarious, heartwarming treat for the whole family - a harrowing look into the battle of two very different men, and two very different minds, as the threat of postwar malaise looms large in the background.


  • Yeah Guys 02.20.13 @ 6:17pm

    What a thing!

  • Cadet of Industry 02.19.13 @ 11:15pm

    L. Ron Hubbard knows the dog made it.
    *Comment paid for by the Council To Raise Awareness of Canine Brewers.

  • Mortal Wombat 02.19.13 @ 9:03am

    Hey, how about a Spoilers Alert???  Some of us have yet to see The Master and I can only assume this clip is an exact reenactment of the original movie.

  • Cherub Cow 02.18.13 @ 11:55pm


    5sf’s version, I mean.

  • sen2860 02.18.13 @ 9:39pm

    So I just finished watching the movie The Master. Then I saw this, I enjoyed this a little more for some reason… I think it’s because Brian with a mustache is wank worthy at last. Now Parks and Rec isn’t alone… ahhh

  • MatthiasKL 02.18.13 @ 6:40pm

    Dogs…so effed up they can drink bowls instead of smoking them.  Whoa.

  • 02.18.13 @ 3:33pm

    My comment on Chinese New Year was not an invitation to the Illuminati…  We did not turn the lights off at the Super Bowl, there will be no secret super masons, no trilateral commission, no rand corporation, no underground reverse vampires on the back side of the moon, no dreams, no aspirations.

  • XXXman 02.18.13 @ 3:29pm

    Doggy lemonaide

  • Pastor of Muppets 02.18.13 @ 11:22am

    Should have been playing “The Circle of Life” in the background instead.

    /I give this video four licks of my own balls
    //what?  The dog can do it but when I do it, it’s another log in the Offender Registry?  Hypocrites.

  • Diode 02.18.13 @ 10:19am

    Whose dog is that?  I don’t recall seeing him in any of the CotW videos.

  • Mystiquecon 02.18.13 @ 9:12am


    WAY too much time on your hands to think that out, bro.

  • padurn 02.18.13 @ 5:46am

    The dog made it.

  • Gamegeneral 02.18.13 @ 1:42am


  • Kalvyn Evans 02.18.13 @ 12:38am

    So… the dog got drunk by drinking master’s pee… and master is getting drunk by drinking his own pee… or is master drinking the dogs pee? Either way, after several cycles, I would think the alcohol would disappear from both their systems.

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