The Oversharer

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He's been kicked out of numerous coffee shops, bars and restaurants, yet he keeps coming back to stream 40gb of porn at any given minute on their public wi-fi for customers. You can withhold the password from him. He's still going to know it's "Passw0rd."


  • vmnqkcpx 11.30.16 @ 8:57pm

    ttkiSI liumzoceovmk, ejjufsujygva, [link=]yprafwewiuaq[/link],

  • Apes_Of_Space 10.16.13 @ 9:48pm

    Bestiality. Gross.

  • Dead.juice 01.14.13 @ 6:31pm

    Poor Maria.

  • j999 11.16.12 @ 1:08pm

    brilliant!!!... porn that is…

  • geoff 11.08.12 @ 10:52pm

    Maria looked a little interested.

  • NecromancerJim 11.08.12 @ 8:09pm

    Driving? At a restaurant?

    NOTHING stops Ben from looking at his porn.

  • BMDNERD 11.08.12 @ 7:27pm

    So he’s watching interspecies porn? Yucky.

  • microgamer2vs2 11.08.12 @ 2:06pm

    I picture Maria’s eyes catching on fire.

  • Its the last line 11.08.12 @ 9:14am


    Cracked me up.

  • kalvynevans 11.08.12 @ 8:13am

    The waiter runs so fast…

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 11.08.12 @ 8:08am

    So… What kind of porn is it?

    /I give this video 69 Rule 43s and a Rule 34.

  • Here's the thing,... 11.08.12 @ 7:21am

    It’s not what it looks like. He’s watching the ‘Bone Ranger’ porn parody.

  • Mr. Q 11.08.12 @ 7:03am

    It’s a perv, it’s a twit, it’s Way Too Much Info Man!

  • JSPN 11.08.12 @ 3:09am

    It can get a bit freaky down there at the farm.

    Lucky animals.

  • Spoonlady 11.08.12 @ 3:05am

    I like people who share.

    I give this 5 squealing pigs.

  • padurn 11.08.12 @ 2:55am

    Ah yes, the Hulk Hogan.

  • Mr Thursday 11.08.12 @ 1:16am

    She doesn’t seem to be THAT shocked ... I wonder why? Brian, any ideas?

  • Aaron 11.08.12 @ 1:09am

    Porn so good, you just gotta share it with the world.

  • petsinwinter 11.08.12 @ 12:44am

    The BEST kind of porn!

  • Llamaqueen 11.08.12 @ 12:37am

    That’s my kind of porn.

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