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This 5sf is Part 3 of Bummer Week.


  • lol 03.20.13 @ 3:56pm

    Saw that picture on Olivia’s Instagram, that’s actually her dad lolol

  • herrbrewer 08.03.12 @ 9:13am

    For some reason the dad’s smile makes me laugh, but regardless this is definitely bummer-istic in all it’s glory.

  • TheOnlyChuck 07.16.12 @ 10:50pm

    so weird, i just watched ‘Pregnancy Scare’ hit random and this came up

  • kingofchico 06.02.12 @ 10:37am

    bummer week was great!

  • Jpump 04.18.12 @ 4:17pm

    Her dads the dad?

  • Eric W. 04.06.12 @ 1:34pm

    You ARE the father!

  • mud 04.06.12 @ 3:00am


  • Heres the thing,... 04.05.12 @ 2:49pm

    She’s going to have to start by admitting to her father she’s not a virgin.

  • Dad 04.05.12 @ 1:59pm

    That’s my girl! Always looking at the positive side of things.

  • Edward 04.05.12 @ 1:50pm

    You have failed to bum me out.  I laughed out loud, because I am a sick, twisted individual.

  • Ribbit 04.05.12 @ 11:24am

    @ Kevin

    Pretty sure she’s standing up in front of the sink and that her phone was on top of the toilet, she’s not still on it.

  • Alex 04.05.12 @ 11:20am

    Would’ve been better if it was Elliot Zanderflex calling.

  • Ian 04.05.12 @ 11:10am

    Okay, how did you get a positive pregnancy test? Is someone on 5SF pregnant?

  • alexdhenley 04.05.12 @ 9:22am

    silence, it would seem, is way more profound than words you can fit in five seconds. Bravo.

  • Tom M 04.05.12 @ 6:11am

    Is it really bad that I’ve howling with laughter after watching this and the rest of the weeks serious films?

  • Heres the thing,... 04.05.12 @ 3:33am

    Is this week a deliberate thing, or did the writing sessions take a turn for the serious and you didn’t want to waste the material? Either way, I like it. It’s a break from the funny routine executed with your usual aplomb. Not even sure what ‘aplomb’ is, but you’ve got it.

  • Mr Thursday 04.04.12 @ 11:47pm

    This Bummer Week gets more bummer with each movie. *polite applause*

  • Jeremy 04.04.12 @ 8:05pm

    I do not like this week. Bummed out as it is. Ill see you guys next week.

  • Man Solo 04.04.12 @ 7:29pm

    I mean, she doesn’t HAVE to tell her dad. On the flip, what if he’s totally supportive, and wants the best for his baby grandchild?

    I give this 7/10.

  • Evan 04.04.12 @ 6:44pm

    Oh my god that was depressing. The first two in this week were disappointing. This one was brilliantly depressing.

  • Matthew Perry 04.04.12 @ 6:40pm

    Dad Week

  • sbalneav 04.04.12 @ 6:20pm

    At first I was depressed because O. was going to have to tell her dad.  Then my other brain cell fired and I got *real* depressed.  Kudos!

  • Dustin 04.04.12 @ 6:12pm

    Fuck that was depressing.
    Olivia’s acting is pretty damn good.

  • Jon 04.04.12 @ 5:40pm

    It’s stuff like this that convinces me I could never be a serious actor. I swear I can see subdued panic in Olivia’s eyes!

  • MelvanaInChains 04.04.12 @ 4:57pm

    more like george liquor

  • future-boglin 04.04.12 @ 4:25pm

    Olivia’s Dad is Duke Nukem?

  • Thor-axe 04.04.12 @ 4:11pm

    Olivia is going for the “girl with dragon tattoo” look I see.

  • Vincent 04.04.12 @ 3:37pm

    Wow, this is utterly brilliant… And very interesting. All in 5sf, wow.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 04.04.12 @ 2:59pm

    I give this video 4 screaming crotchspawn.

  • Kevin 04.04.12 @ 2:49pm

    Olivia pees with gloves and a hat on.

  • carlbear 04.04.12 @ 2:39pm

    Question: Is that a prop pregnancy test or not, and if not, did you get an actual pregnant woman to pee on it beforehand?

  • Dapper Dan 04.04.12 @ 2:35pm

    I will be the gentleman and offer Oliva my hand in marriage so that she can retain her dignity

  • Oatmeal 04.04.12 @ 2:21pm

    Well, if this was 70 years ago it would be supersad, now its just time to call in AbortionMan.

  • mrousselet 04.04.12 @ 2:06pm

    @Brad Pun (slow clap)

  • Brad Pun 04.04.12 @ 1:53pm

    I got the results of the test back. I definitely have breast cancer.

  • NO, YOUR MOM!.. 04.04.12 @ 1:42pm

    Well I guess the right thing to do is marry me Olivia. Consider the future of our dirty fuck baby.

  • Ian 04.04.12 @ 1:25pm

    I think the idea is that now she has to tell her dad.

  • Bummer... 04.04.12 @ 1:19pm

    Her dad’s the father?

  • Matchstickman 04.04.12 @ 1:14pm

    So is this a film about how phones are now so sophisticated that they can change the names in your contact list to the relationship to the action you are performing when the person rings?

  • Scottie Pilgrim 04.04.12 @ 1:06pm

    poor Olivia.

  • ... 04.04.12 @ 1:06pm

    I don’t get it.

  • FINALLY 04.04.12 @ 1:04pm

    FIRST! that was incredibly underwhelming.

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