The Spaniard’s Picnic

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This is the consolation prize for the US women's Olympics volleyball team. If you get beaten by Brazil, you are forced to spend an oddly-subtitled picnic with a strange man who claims to be Spanish and a volleyball. Silver medals, as it turns out, are just harder to come by these days.


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  • Derp 08.19.12 @ 5:09pm

    Is that Tiffany Thompson? (warning
    : NSFW google results)

  • Kevin 08.18.12 @ 8:52pm

    He did not claim to be a volleyball.

  • JimmyTherapist 08.18.12 @ 10:37am

    worst spanish ever. But the chick is hot, keep her coming.

  • Reggio 08.18.12 @ 7:24am

    It’s what he is saying. But it was rather “Was there only a ball in the basket? I am very hungry.” Actually I tried to understand what she is saying and just understand something with “life”.

  • GrammarNazi 08.17.12 @ 10:27pm

    Paul is claiming to be a volleyball? I think you forgot a comma somewhere.

  • Alexander K. Ferrer 08.17.12 @ 10:04am

    Omg was that Carlos Montoya playing? I love Carlos Montoya!... perhaps the food was in the volleyball!

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 08.17.12 @ 7:58am

    Better a volleyball than ground up children.  Unless he’s REALLY hungry.

    /I give this video four “¡Olé!“s and a burrito the size of Paul’s head.

  • 5dollarfootlong 08.17.12 @ 6:47am

    You guys find the hottest babes for your videos.

  • padurn 08.17.12 @ 5:32am

    All day I dream about soup.

  • David T. Marchand 08.17.12 @ 5:08am

    “¿Zólo había una bólae neza canezta? Tengo mucha hambre…”

    More like a Kazakhstani accent. But I approve that the words are more or less correct and the pronunciation effort was made.

  • Jane Doe 08.17.12 @ 4:48am

    The fact that Paul uses a Spanish accent (as in from Spain) makes him even more desirable.

  • Oatmeal 08.17.12 @ 3:11am

    The fact that Paul can speak Spanish makes him even more desirable.
    Oh how my heart longs for that mustache!

  • The Spaniard's snack attack. 08.17.12 @ 2:25am

    I, too, am hungry.

  • Kryslewin4 08.17.12 @ 1:14am

    Was she a legit volleyball player? O.o

  • mikemikemike 08.17.12 @ 1:07am

    Nah, the words and the subtitles match up

  • kalvynevans 08.17.12 @ 12:58am

    Why do I get the feeling that the subtitles aren’t what he is actually saying? Can anyone verify this?

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