The Worst Extra in Hollywood

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His headshot is a sheet of reflective silver paper, which, when held at the right angle in front of you, reveals his face peeking right over your shoulder. To date, the only stuff he's booked is background work in everything ever.


  • bob 05.01.14 @ 10:39am

    hold down 4 to see creepy dance

  • David D 04.21.12 @ 5:10pm

    @Tyler: I’m almost certain it’s the hair. Shorter or just worn up.

  • Josh 03.29.12 @ 11:33am

    Pfft, Final Cut?  I thought this was supposed to be about Hollywood.

  • Oblivious kid in a strip club 03.26.12 @ 7:32pm

    They should make a generic romantic comedy with a dude that appears in the background doing weird things throughout the whole movie

  • Sean 02.11.12 @ 10:35am

    if my name was Charles, I wouldn’t have to leave the house today…

  • Tyler 02.06.12 @ 5:00pm

    I like Brian’s method for backwards hat wearing.

    Am I crazy or does Olivia look a little different in this and “Wrong Answer”?

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 02.06.12 @ 2:26pm

    I first thought the grimace at the end was him going “Oh Crap I’m in trouble”, but then I realized that was his normal face.

  • Thor-axe 02.06.12 @ 12:01pm

    This is too funny.

  • Cloven 02.06.12 @ 6:02am

    He’s so good, George Lucas didn’t need to digitally edit him into the Star Wars movies, he just willed himself into the Blu-Ray releases.

  • Harsh_Word 02.06.12 @ 2:53am

    @MrFist: It’s actually the last of the ‘Saw’ movies. It turns out at the end that the guy in pink was Jigsaw right from the beginning, but in a double-twist, he’s actually in an asylum where the patients and staff are characters from the movies and it’s all in his mind. Genius!

  • Harsh_Word 02.06.12 @ 2:47am

    The spooky thing is, they never DID find him. Some say if you look out of the corner of your eye while you’re watching a movie, you can catch a glimpse of him ruining a crucial scene, always wearing that same douchebag-pink T-shirt. Or so goes the legend of the worst extra.

  • Man Solo 02.06.12 @ 1:39am

    ...and TBH, I was sort of hoping for a Super Bowl film. This does it, though.

  • Man Solo 02.06.12 @ 1:37am

    Yeah. What he said.

  • kalvynevans 02.06.12 @ 1:29am

    That’s it. I’m changing my name to charles, and I’m just going to play that one second clip over and over and over…

  • Mr Fist 02.06.12 @ 1:23am

    So that wasn’t a foreshadow to the film’s twist ending?

  • unknowntbeast 02.06.12 @ 12:07am

    Iraqi Mountian Goats…and first.

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