The Changeling

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How hard is it to get good, non-interdimensional help these days?


  • hdpbalrk 12.22.11 @ 5:29am


  • JameSmith 08.02.11 @ 1:31am

    what a _ _ _ _!!!!!

  • Dj 07.11.11 @ 9:17pm

    Damn you Woolthorp!

  • Onyx 06.30.11 @ 10:33am

    I don’t know where these guys come up with this stuff, but it makes me laugh my ass off.

  • The Unoriginal 04.29.11 @ 10:45pm

    He DID change the tire. That’s more than what many would’ve done in that situation.

  • Belinda Benn 04.20.11 @ 7:01am

    hehe nice special effects wink

  • snarf 03.30.11 @ 2:49pm

    dont mark the replies box…for serious y’all..an61…bosom

  • hamschristiananderson 03.30.11 @ 2:43pm

    No more spammers…do not mark the email replies box if you know whats good for you! LIVE51 DAMN YOUUUUU!

  • HamSolo 03.30.11 @ 2:41pm

    Can I? Can I advertise crappy products if you mark the email replies box? BOOOOIIIIING! Enough31 already..

  • based97 03.30.11 @ 2:38pm

    based97 on the email replies box, these splattermarketers can junk up your mail…dont do it

  • yes69 03.30.11 @ 2:36pm

    Can I? Why I can even79 spam your email if you check the email responses box…BOOOOOOOIING!

  • Yes69 03.30.11 @ 2:34pm

    Can I? Do you mean Can I spam your email account, and favorite website if you check the Email Replies box?  Clearly79. BOIIIIIIIIING!

  • SPAM,SPAM,SPAM, SPAM and SPAM 02.02.11 @ 3:59pm

    Fuck Spammers *puts on sunglasses* FUCK THEM TILL THEY DIE! Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • This is ... 01.11.11 @ 3:14pm

    all the comments after my first one confused me. *turns into tiger and runs after Jonny Quickdeath*

  • This is ... 01.04.11 @ 3:22pm

    Looks like this *turns into sunglasses* just got semi-personal!

  • futhermucker 11.09.10 @ 6:33pm

    nevah ride a skateboahd with a hat on, ya can bust yer peckah wicked bad dood.

  • Ian 11.05.10 @ 6:03am

    And then the door52 became a refrigerator magnet.

  • Lib Tech Snowboards 11.01.10 @ 8:38am

    That is pretty freakin’ awesome. I love how he just changed into a skateboard after putting a clownfish on as the wheel. Great video.

  • Bones McCool, King of the "Nail Hard" 10.05.10 @ 11:34pm

    Easily the best on this site. I wish31 I could be as good as that guy.

  • GW Crawford 07.29.10 @ 7:07pm

    So long, sucka!
    Hey, I am top15!

  • tj 07.29.10 @ 3:35pm

    Im laughing but Im not sure I know why…

  • Mark 07.24.10 @ 9:09am

    Haha, great.

  • spartanii 06.17.10 @ 8:46pm

    Red Dwarf refrence?

  • dev 06.03.10 @ 8:52pm

    He won’t get very far flipped over like that.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.28.10 @ 11:38am

    I wish I had that man’s hat.

  • Tafel Tobi 04.17.10 @ 7:58am

    Very nice this shirt films…

  • Tittan Preston 03.30.10 @ 9:14am

    i love dis, sensual, yet , very very solid

  • AuronST 03.25.10 @ 9:42am

    I love how he is walking down the street at the start lol. Could you imagine seeing a guy dressed up like that walking down the street lollll

  • b 02.19.10 @ 6:35pm

    the hat still on the board. totally awesome.

  • cronin_burger 02.11.10 @ 3:16pm

    By far the finest piece of work I’ve seen thus far.  Encore!

  • Y 01.27.10 @ 5:23pm

    I love this, although it’s a tad broken in that A) The response should have been “Do I?” and B) He changes the wheel, not the tire.  But still.  Such a good idea.  Still love this one.

  • Maddison 01.23.10 @ 8:33am


  • Christian 01.18.10 @ 2:09am

    solid gold!

  • Tyler 01.01.10 @ 10:37am

    Did anyone notice the clown fish?

  • 3216100 12.07.09 @ 6:42pm

    But he didn’t say “can you”...

  • P.I.M.P. 10.21.09 @ 5:10pm

    !!!WOW!!! five whole seconds of total retardation!! YAY!! grin)

  • The Leetnes 10.13.09 @ 6:47pm

    Hey Al (nice name btw) I don’t watch Heros i just happen to have heard about that guy also good point

  • alfred cunningham 10.11.09 @ 11:10am

    leetnes, wouldn’t it be easier to just wish you were the guy from the video? that way you wouldn’t have to find him and steal his power. oh and btw, “Heros” sucks

  • The Leetnes 10.10.09 @ 7:04pm

    OMGSUS I Wanna Turn Into A Skateboard!!!!!
    I Wish I was that guy from “Heros” so I could steal his powers!

  • Allyosaugh 09.26.09 @ 7:28am

    *turns Nick into a chocolate bar and runs away*

  • shaun 08.24.09 @ 4:19pm

    the fact that the skateboard doesnt roll away makes this the funniest thing ever

  • Dak Washbrook 07.16.09 @ 2:26pm

    LMFAO so great !! =D

  • The Man 07.10.09 @ 3:16am

    How is it that the films are so funny but everybody who comments on them are idiots?

  • John 07.07.09 @ 3:40pm

    My favorite as well, very nice.

  • Jennifer 06.27.09 @ 4:13pm

    Thanks, Alyson, for your erudite comment

  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 10:33am

    ah Mr. Change, he fucked me over once. Well played my good man, well played….

  • Sodapop 06.22.09 @ 1:48am

    That was fucking hilarious. Some people would get pissed off but I would’ve laughed my ass off in real life!

  • Grevion 06.21.09 @ 6:58pm

    It doesn’t make sense… but it does…

    *head explodes*

    (headless corpse pities Nick Uhing)

  • Epic 06.21.09 @ 5:48pm

    HAHAHA its so classic it just might work…. and did!

  • qzz 06.19.09 @ 6:13am


  • otaku4225 06.18.09 @ 7:48am

    three things make this video awesome. Number the First being the accent. Number the Second being the wackiness of it all. And Number the Third being the smart and totally weird idea that only they could have thought of. GREAT JOB

  • Grant Joy 06.14.09 @ 10:25am

    wtf Elisa??

    love the vid btw

  • Gaz 06.09.09 @ 2:58pm

    I love how the skateboard doesnt roll hahaha

  • Mongo 06.06.09 @ 8:24pm

    I loled at the dontacularisity of the video

  • charliewilson 06.06.09 @ 5:06am

    The board doesn’t even roll away. How many takes did that take?

  • lol guy 05.29.09 @ 3:11pm

    so long sucker! *poofs into skateboard*
    maybe the best internet moment EVER

  • anthony 05.29.09 @ 8:31am

    This might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. no joke.

  • rayge 05.24.09 @ 5:58am

    that was pretty good

  • Glorge 05.23.09 @ 7:57pm

    Alas that I cannot inconvenience strangers and then fail at a getaway. This is my one and only regret.

  • Eugene 05.15.09 @ 2:25am

    I have watched this 30 times now and I can’t stop laughing

  • Sandwich 05.14.09 @ 10:24am

    You know he’s a rapist because he’s wearing a bowler.

  • littlekikistar 05.10.09 @ 5:09pm

    oh my god too funny

  • THIS IS AWESOME 05.06.09 @ 3:26am

    Love this one ! Seen it alot of times now xD

  • chase "d-boy" daseler 04.29.09 @ 11:57pm

    this one is pretty damned funny.

  • Dimitri 04.22.09 @ 5:22pm

    this one’s my favorite. the sound is the best part.

  • Kevin 04.06.09 @ 1:22pm

    and the skateboard doesn’t even roll
    what a jerk

  • PA 04.03.09 @ 4:51am

    they should make a major movie about this fellow

  • zac42 03.21.09 @ 3:42am

    I love the accent on that guy. Pure Genius.

  • Kate 02.03.09 @ 8:24pm

    The simple genious of this film cannot be put into mere words, so I’m going to try and think my feelings really hard at the screen, starting . . . now.

  • Spiderman 01.22.09 @ 2:33pm

    The hat still on the skateboard…genius.

  • Ade 01.21.09 @ 12:58pm

    Great editing, much chucklage. Score.

  • Boone 01.17.09 @ 7:34am

    Oh, Mr. Mxyzptlk!  You and your hijinx!

  • Name 12.21.08 @ 4:48pm

    I crown thee my favorite, above all others.

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