The Day Before Yesterday When Everything Was OK...

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They need to get their heads out of the past and start thinking about their futures as human relations consultants for a zombie marketing firm.


  • cicgta 12.02.16 @ 2:37pm

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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 10:18am


  • impossibleehoes 01.24.12 @ 4:15pm

    So long that has to be longer than 5 seconds, but still makes me laugh so much!!

  • This is ... 01.12.11 @ 2:25pm

    Looks like they’re still *takes out machine gun* stuck in the past.

  • Similar15 05.08.10 @ 4:56pm


  • DrakeMagnum 04.14.10 @ 1:22am

    I try to explain to others how awesome these are, to no avail.  I love this 5SF.

  • Nervo 03.27.10 @ 9:57am



  • KK KOOL KUDI 03.22.10 @ 12:38am

    Loud pipes, Big rims,
    Whodi, that’s our life..

  • K.K. Ph.D 03.07.10 @ 2:10am

    oooh yah, messily pushed up sleeve. nice touch.

  • MineTruly 02.23.10 @ 6:16am

    This is one of my favorites. Like, in the top 3. Maybe even top 2. #1? Possibly, some days, depending on my mood and the ambient barometric pressure.

  • cronin_burger 02.10.10 @ 8:10pm


  • Me 02.02.10 @ 4:01pm

    ..what the hell, this is terribad.

  • FantasyRemedy 01.23.10 @ 3:26am

    Two days before the day after tommorow is today so yesterday there wasnt any zombies :D

  • beth the invited house guest (eat that paul!) 12.31.09 @ 1:40pm

    lol a mix of the day after tomorro and 28 days later?

  • Kaidou 12.30.09 @ 11:07am

    That day looks so fucking awesome. When Eric kicked the ground I was like “WHOA!”

  • gw crawford 12.29.09 @ 12:34pm

    I am guessing that dull, nothing to do, nowhere to go days would seem pretty awesome after a few hours of fighting zombies. But then again, to each his own.

  • Not a Kitten 12.28.09 @ 11:57pm

    They should open the door - the kittens only want to be friends with them. Heck, it’s probably not even kittens, I bet it’s zombies.
    Open up and let the zombies in, and tell your friend to take off his hat - the kittens might choke on it.

  • kadeer 12.28.09 @ 11:21pm

    i like 5secound films

  • ZombieBuffet 12.28.09 @ 3:57pm

    The Title is longer than the video.

  • Philistine 12.28.09 @ 12:22pm

    that’s mixed up.

  • Shmoe 12.28.09 @ 11:35am


  • ZombieBuffet 12.28.09 @ 11:30am

    That was Awesome!

  • Gamecube 12.28.09 @ 10:05am

    wait what happened to the advent calender, there were still 3 more days left!?!

  • Not a Zombie 12.28.09 @ 4:02am

    They should open the door - the zombies only want to be friends with them. Heck, it’s probably not even zombies, I bet it’s kittens.
    Open up and let the kitties in, and tell your friend to take off his hat - the kitties might choke on it.

  • Lucky Cynic 12.28.09 @ 12:17am

    Also before Zombie gets in here, Braaaaiiinnnsss!....

  • Lucky Cynic 12.28.09 @ 12:17am

    Hehehe, the production quality continues to soar. ^^

  • mr pope 12.27.09 @ 11:38pm

    lol 1st

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