The Fastest Cancelled Kid’s Cartoon Ever

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Just seconds later, they hastily re-ran last week's episode of "Fudgy Dragon and the Knights of Constipary," and after all the phone calls, QVC became the shopping channel it's known as today.


  • sapphireno1 05.05.12 @ 12:07am


  • Endy 11.13.10 @ 11:41am

    Blowjay, B***job… wow…

  • ibs2pid 10.03.10 @ 11:50pm

    I sit here hitting the random button and i have to say, this is probably my favorite 5sf ever….

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 1:33am

    Well, that was quick.

  • Dale the Whale 05.21.10 @ 9:15pm

    This is another great!  Many levels.  Get it, whales blow!

  • chimera 04.29.10 @ 1:54pm

    lol… thats great. sounds like blow the whale.

  • itsgood 04.27.10 @ 6:57pm

    this has become a massive joke in my circle of friends

  • strawburray 04.09.10 @ 6:24pm

    Omfg that is fn hilariousssss.

  • thesexythree 02.11.10 @ 4:25pm

    You guys are the funniest people ever. we watch it over and over again and still laugh. i have BLOWJAY on my room wall!

  • Chrisseren 11.16.09 @ 2:46pm

    I think WKUK ( Whitest Kids ‘U Know ) had a better cancelled kid’s cartoon skit,but they weren’t under the five second rule…they got Ebola.

  • I It's only rape if you yell suprise.. 09.11.09 @ 7:21pm

    blowjay…bj..blow job..for those in the future who lack commen sense, bet u guys came here from watching tosh.o, queers

  • Verbose Jerk 07.24.09 @ 2:36am

    Isn’t it spelled constipatory?

  • Silly 07.20.09 @ 6:02am


    (scuse me, don’t have anything to say…)


  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:34pm

    hahahahahahahhah ander n comment lol

  • Mitchrapp 06.23.09 @ 8:20pm

    crying of laughter.

  • rayge 05.24.09 @ 6:08am


  • Jesse 04.15.09 @ 9:13am

    lol it actually took me a second to get it

  • André N 03.07.09 @ 10:20pm

    Lemme guess… it’s a sperm whale, right?

  • Eli B 03.06.09 @ 10:57am

    @Michael: It’s talking about blowjobs. Come on, you’re on five second films and your mind isn’t even that dirty? Remind me never to mention meatspin to you…

  • Michael M 02.14.09 @ 5:46pm

    I’m sorry but someones gonna have to explain this one to me.

  • sam 02.07.09 @ 7:57am

    oh god, i am so in love with this.

  • Sylvain Racicot 01.18.09 @ 6:59pm

    Awwww… I was so looking forward to watch this cartoon!

  • steve b. 12.23.08 @ 2:03pm

    you guys are fucking hilarious!

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