The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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It's the thought of the endless, infinite, terrible stretch of Grants that counts.


  • play and win 09.26.11 @ 2:44pm

    You always manage to do something funny with very little time, it’s quite amazing actually.

  • Matthew 10.27.10 @ 1:37am

    This one is all win. >ㅂ<

  • Derf 09.18.10 @ 1:14pm

    second one was definitely the winner.

  • Jerrod Bogard 08.27.10 @ 10:20am

    love it! love them all! really funny. But… why did you insist on breaking/reversing the 180?

  • Catherine Sticco 07.29.10 @ 11:28pm

    the laughter. oh god the laughter

  • In Soviet Russia Comment You 04.17.10 @ 8:10pm

    Dude, that just happened to me!

  • wererat200 03.24.10 @ 11:06pm

    laaaast one!
    laaaast one!
    laaaast one!

  • Catch 02.20.10 @ 5:17pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. I will purchase Grant from you for relatively cheap and use him as a sex slave.

  • meep 02.04.10 @ 6:52pm

    I like it

  • Frames 01.31.10 @ 12:17pm

    Just try not to break the 180 degree rule in the future, really messes up the flow of the first clip.

  • :D 01.30.10 @ 5:23pm

    Haha, the last one is so cute!

  • diman 01.26.10 @ 4:52pm

    awesome, laughed about a hour :D

  • MEMEMEMEME 01.14.10 @ 3:23am

    AWSM !!!!

  • :D 01.09.10 @ 8:38pm

    this vid always makes me go squee

  • beth the invited house guest (eat that paul!) 12.31.09 @ 1:43pm

    OMG 32 seconds!! lol kidding on raspberry

    not the strongest vid but quite clever i was like ahh whys it p;laying again?

  • Adam 12.28.09 @ 11:10am

    I like to think that Number 2 is what caused the events in ‘Super Psyched’

  • Dual 12.26.09 @ 3:34pm

    180 rule is crying in a corner somewhere.

  • Gamecube 12.26.09 @ 1:03pm

    i would love a gift like that

  • The Tick 12.25.09 @ 11:13am

    A rare instance in which re-gifting probably wouldn’t work well.

  • Lucky Cynic 12.24.09 @ 11:52pm

    At least it wasn’t coal.

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