The Heart Thief

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He tried to write some poetry to cope with the incident, but he couldn't help starting it with "Hey Heart Thief / Why You Always Gotta Be Thiefin' My Hearts?" which was too heavy-handed and melodramatic, even for him.


  • Lunatic 05.05.12 @ 12:55am

    If she stole my heart I should have known it by nohefhilhbbdglr

  • Fregumsi 10.19.11 @ 3:54am

    Oh god, Kelsey in a catsuit, heeelp! Boneruysm! Blood everywhere!

  • JDevo 10.17.11 @ 11:01pm

    she stole his heart and just ran away from him. what a wench.

  • Ryan 10.17.11 @ 8:58pm

    My first thought was Iron Man

  • Adria_Penguin 10.17.11 @ 3:45pm

    That’s the truth these days92… sigh…

  • boopbeep 10.17.11 @ 1:45pm

    Kelsey stole my heart ages ago

  • A Nickle for my Pickle 10.17.11 @ 1:11pm

    Seems like the heart thief was caught red handed.

    On a side (under) note: I do miss those tank top thong ads. They were nice, & made feel like street fighter was coming into reality.

  • khan 10.17.11 @ 11:08am

    screw doritos, I want the girls in panties back

  • fnalgaan 10.17.11 @ 10:59am

    I sure hope she return53s.

  • padurn 10.17.11 @ 9:46am

    I ain’t got no heart.

  • Guy 10.17.11 @ 9:04am

    Heart-flavored Doritos?

  • ABIackMan 10.17.11 @ 9:00am

    That’s a pretty damn large Doritos ad.

  • FIRST 10.17.11 @ 8:43am


  • FIRST 10.17.11 @ 8:38am



  • FIRST 10.17.11 @ 8:15am



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