The Last Temptation of 5-Second Films (Insomnia...

Last Film Last Film
Apple asked each Insomnia team to use three of a set of elements in their short films, among them Robin Darjeeling, dutch angles, dream sequences, match cuts, radio static, a tuxedo, a birdcage, old man makeup, and (most importantly to us) the line "Don't tempt me." We didn't win anything, and one look at Stranger Danger should tell you why. In fact, there's a warrant out for our arrest because of it.


  • wzhqlsdi 12.02.16 @ 11:45pm

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  • j 03.17.13 @ 11:54am


    no seriously, does anyone know?

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:35pm

    I loved these films! The milk and the proposal one are probably my favorites. Great job guys!

  • Victor Marrero 11.21.11 @ 1:07pm

    What was that gun used in Drive-Thru Kidnapper? Looks awesome! :O

  • Indiana U. 10.29.11 @ 9:46pm

    Aaah! Scott Joplin! <3

  • RL 06.09.11 @ 2:13pm

    That’s a Marmot underwear at 01:02!!!

  • Tarik 12.09.10 @ 3:27am

    I’ll level26 with you- the song is one that comes with iMovie.

  • Ethan 11.19.10 @ 3:54pm

    God, that bass line bit in the Porn Park skit sounds so damn familiar.

  • John 11.19.10 @ 12:43pm

    I hope53 they will tells us what the song is at the beginning and the end

  • Robin 10.14.10 @ 4:48am

    Credit. Song. Name. Argh.

  • Belimoth 09.07.10 @ 8:19pm

    Is that a spray-painted nerf gun? Awesome.

  • nerd 09.06.10 @ 7:50pm

    The second to last 5sf.  The cut from the pregnant belly to the round chair?

  • nerd 09.06.10 @ 7:44pm

    Where was the match cut?

  • ModelOZX 07.12.10 @ 1:11am

    “Bob I’m pregnant”
    What’s funny is that it’s so random.

  • ecap 03.22.10 @ 4:22pm

    the milk one is probably the best one on this site.

  • Gamegeneral 03.22.10 @ 1:16pm

    Badass gun during the drive thru, and just to be popular, song at the end?

  • Hibbahubbo 03.18.10 @ 3:46am

    What the fuck is the name of the song they use during the opening and closing credits?

  • Cap-i-tan Oblivious. 03.08.10 @ 7:21pm

    I just noticed on the top of the “A Delightful Ruse” newspaper that is says “Daily Temptation,” after watching these 5secondfilms for almost a year.

  • ANONYMOUS 01.26.10 @ 4:36pm

    DAYUM i want that gun! shit looks so bad ass! :O

  • Snerg 12.03.09 @ 1:07pm

    Brian! You spraypainted a nerf maverick, didnt you! i just bought the saem one and i was like….wait a minute O_O

  • John Baber 11.24.09 @ 4:05am

    Split it up so I can link to the funny one.

  • BobBobman 11.19.09 @ 7:12pm

    Bob im pregnant. Dammit!!

  • NeonSpaceman 09.02.09 @ 9:17am

    Rob and Bob part was the best

  • brod 08.28.09 @ 12:44am

    “Hey candy, want some kids?!”
    “We’re not supposed to take children from strangers!”

  • Person in question 08.10.09 @ 6:20am

    What are the quotes in “The Drive-Thru Kidnapper

  • miky 06.30.09 @ 10:05pm

    did you eat rob? He Tempted Me! lolz

  • Veronica 06.30.09 @ 9:31am

    this is awesome. I love the videos. My fave is ” Bob, I’m pregnant!

  • man living in your sink 06.25.09 @ 8:15pm

    i’ll give you a COOKIE! see i r better

  • Puroboriqua13 06.19.09 @ 5:16pm

    That was not 5 seconds

  • T 06.17.09 @ 9:35pm

    Lol.. you guys are hilarious

  • o8643 06.17.09 @ 3:39pm

    The Drive Through Kidnapping is hilarious but isn’t it illegal to paint over the orange barrel tip on a Maverick?
    And why does the beginning music sound like something from a Pixar short?

  • Rob 06.07.09 @ 3:49pm

    Rob and Bob should have their own series

  • Lakisha 05.30.09 @ 4:17pm

    Who made the music at the end?

  • Trevor Jenkins 05.27.09 @ 3:47am


  • Styff 05.25.09 @ 10:19am

    “dont tempt me rob….bob im pregnant” bahahaha xD….how does it get so skinny? lmfao

  • Alice R 05.23.09 @ 1:48am

    DOOOO IIIIIIIT! man i lol’d so hard at that, and the ‘We don’t take children from strangers!’ AND ‘I’ll give you a puppy!’. Actually, it was all hilariously witty and unusual. XD

  • Michael 05.22.09 @ 7:49am

    Good stuff! Was that TheAmazingAtheist in the milk one?

  • indy 05.14.09 @ 8:28am

    “Temptation” is spelled incorrectly in the title.

  • Lailong Peregrinus 05.13.09 @ 8:01pm

    sooooo good, milk puke!!! hahahaha

  • Santa Clause 05.02.09 @ 5:01am

    Really great stuff! But I could use shorter videos during my busy season.  Can you do it in ONE Second?

  • That Guy From That Place 04.21.09 @ 4:26pm

    “Bob I’m Pregnant.” Best part by far.

  • vandanimal 04.15.09 @ 5:49pm


  • vandanimal 04.06.09 @ 10:59pm

    check at the end looks a little creepy…no lie

  • Eli B 03.06.09 @ 11:13am

    “Go into a dream sequence.”
    “I’ll give you a puppy…”

  • Hich17 02.23.09 @ 4:36pm

    DOOO IIIIITT!!!!!!!

      I need that guy for when I propose to my girlfriend.  GUARANTEED “yes”!

  • ian 02.03.09 @ 7:59pm

    owww shit!! that’s good, good work

  • somedude 02.02.09 @ 1:13pm

    what’s the name of the opening/credits song.
    Catchy tune.

  • mouser 02.02.09 @ 10:28am

    se eu manjasse de ingles ... porra..

  • Aliceee 01.22.09 @ 8:09am

    I have Love for Rob & Bob.

  • kinch 01.18.09 @ 1:01pm


  • Mikey 01.17.09 @ 6:12am

    The porn park was funny. funy ha-ha

  • Frank 01.02.09 @ 6:42pm

    ‘tempation’? lol
    great stuff guys

  • kaspars 12.13.08 @ 11:11am

    ooooh, this is so great. i really enjoyed the milk part!

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