The Most Popular Man in the World

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Peep the SG hangin' out the breast pocket. This guy keeps it straight f'real.


  • TheDew 01.17.13 @ 3:05pm

    only 3k? Lol thats weak bro…

  • Deadjuice 12.01.12 @ 7:18am

    To some people, that’s probably JUST about enough attention for them to be satisfied.
    I will never understand those people.

    @man living in your sink: Magic, derr.

  • 宋富轩 11.14.12 @ 4:00am


  • 宋富轩 11.14.12 @ 4:00am


  • Zawa 07.08.11 @ 3:20pm

    The machine’s laughter is hilarious. Also, does anyone know what the song is? They seem to play it a lot.

  • Too high to think of one 05.21.11 @ 3:51pm

    Holy shit.  I’m so high right now that when I watched this video I thought I’d hallucinated the last one.  I’ve watched each one 6 times now spotting the differences.

  • heidivuorela 04.15.11 @ 7:09am

    cool voice wink

  • a Buick 07.21.10 @ 10:00am

    How did you do that with the answering machine?!

  • Arnster 07.15.10 @ 5:43am

    @man living in your sink

    they just called him for three thousand times. simple.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 06.01.10 @ 9:20am

    Even his phone likes him.

  • Puzzlefighter 03.04.10 @ 6:49pm

    pause at second 4. Great.

  • MineTruly 01.22.10 @ 5:25pm

    @Chrisseren, that one is a parody on this one and can be found at

  • Chrisseren 12.03.09 @ 6:33am

    Didn’t this use to use Obama faces?

    What happened?

  • delossantosj 10.22.09 @ 8:01pm

    thats sweeeeeet lol


  • hauff 07.08.09 @ 10:20pm

    lol awesome

  • beechcraft11 06.27.09 @ 7:28pm

    whats the song at the beggining?

  • man living in your sink 06.22.09 @ 3:37pm

    how’d you get the phone to show HA and 3000 in the number reader thing?

  • Epic 06.21.09 @ 5:11pm

    those clothes are super awesome to the max!

  • micmac 05.23.09 @ 2:23am

    his facial expressions are hilarious.

  • Signe 01.23.09 @ 3:36pm

    Mike - I second that! (the cracked thingie)

    By the way, Mike is an awesome name, I call my little cousin that, even though she’s a girl!

    What? Her name is Majken! Mike-En. It is only natural to call her Mike!

  • mike 01.19.09 @ 3:29pm

    thank god u featured on cracked, or else i woulda never found this…

  • ciro 01.19.09 @ 12:54pm


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