The New 911

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None of the stimulus package went to bailing out 911 emergency response services. So they went into the privatized sector. But we have the best emergency response services in the world! Why do you think foreign leaders come here to call 911? The system's not broken, you are! So shut up! And buy Nabisco!


  • TheDew 01.24.13 @ 6:28am

    Dentist appointment gone sour?

  • The Sentient Houseplant 09.27.10 @ 2:39pm

    The last thing anyone wants to hear before they die is a beer commercial.

  • Morpheus 05.28.10 @ 9:34pm

    So true…so fucking true…

  • MineTruly 02.17.10 @ 7:28am

    The scary thing is, I can really see it happening.

    Another thing I can see happening: 911 is only available between the hours of 9-5. And the operatives turn off the phones and go home at 4:50.

  • rich Bailey 09.19.09 @ 8:41am

    “Thank you for calling…nine-one-one…the person you are trying to call is not available. If you would like to leave a message, please stay on the line. After the tone, please record your message. You may then hang up, or press pound for more options. If you would like to page this person, please press five now.”

  • chris 09.01.09 @ 6:06pm

    i just don’t like this guys voice.

  • Manice 09.01.09 @ 1:41pm

    “Buy 1 budwiser 6 pack and get an ambulancefree! brought to you by budwieser the official drink of bars…..“XD great vid

  • That Guy 09.01.09 @ 8:08am

    If you hold the line you get the next ambulance free!
    *elevator music*

  • Lucky Cynic 09.01.09 @ 6:52am


  • SuperKev 09.01.09 @ 5:25am

    HAHAHAHAHA! Exactly right??

  • James 09.01.09 @ 12:08am

    Fucking Brilliant.

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