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Can't poke holes in an IUD. Unless you're a crafty one.


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  • Melomaniac 03.21.12 @ 7:24am

    Can anyone tell me what is the background song?

  • quite tired actually 08.11.11 @ 5:54pm

    More bed-in Kelsey required22!

  • troll 07.17.11 @ 7:24pm

    there is no spoon

  • Hich 06.24.11 @ 12:24pm

    Um…  Did he actually hit the condom with any of those pokes?

  • coach outlet 06.13.11 @ 12:56am

    godd posr asdasdas asdsadsad asdasd

  • violet 11.06.10 @ 9:56pm

    impregnating her could come with a bad result15

  • eric 10.07.10 @ 2:46pm

    what’s the number after the word

  • John Couper 10.03.10 @ 10:48pm

    “That’s one climax….”
    “....she won’t forget.”


    Lesson Learned82.

  • men89 09.22.10 @ 2:32pm

    wow that was creepy

  • Keanu Reeves 09.22.10 @ 4:53am

    It’s just too bad that…
    *Puts on sunglasses*
    She didn’t go for the sunglasses.

  • Bob Bobberton 08.16.10 @ 3:20pm

    I think a lot of u should stay19 off the internets!

  • InternetGuy 07.26.10 @ 10:13pm

    I want to post this on facebook and make my friends laugh but i can’t post the video directly.  You fucking suck.  Add that feature for fucks sake.  IDIOTS!  IT’S THE BIGGEST MARKET!  I COULD HAVE BEEN FUNNY!  FUUCK

  • minetruly 07.14.10 @ 7:23pm

    AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA! This was funny and creepy, my favorite combination.

    Now before I have sex with a man, I’ll drug him and secretly tie his tubes.

    Also, it used to be people would merely end their post with whatever the captcha was, rather than working in a random55 word with numbers. For example, my captcha actually is merely92

  • Redphoenix 07.14.10 @ 3:22pm

    I wasn’t going to post but I’ll tell ya. Down the it has a word and a 2 digit number to type to prove validity ...people try to write it in their comments…You should do it too96. smile

  • Zach 07.14.10 @ 2:32pm

    Why do everyone have randomly placed numbers in their comments`? :S

  • Redphoenix 07.12.10 @ 11:52am

    What if all the people are fake? What if this is fake group25 in a fake universe? What if you are a bot and are fake? maybe you are79

  • Peons 07.12.10 @ 11:00am

    what45 if12 the60 captchas43 are70 fake34?

  • Redphoenix 07.11.10 @ 7:43pm

    You are the least76 of our worries.

  • Vurtax 07.11.10 @ 2:06pm

    Looks like Horatio haters *puts on sunglasses* aww fuck the one liner *takes of sunglasses* You haters are fucking gay.
    Now stop being an internet jerk and have a little self control54

  • Redphoenix 07.11.10 @ 1:30pm

    @Cheese_soda…Would you have only boy65 Koalas oe girls or both boy and girl Koalas? Koala’s are cutie-patooties….LOL

  • MilkMan 07.11.10 @ 9:17am

    haa u crack me up writers of this website.

  • Cheese_Soda 07.11.10 @ 8:36am

    @Redphoenix, no I would not have ostriches because I wouldn’t want them to hit people through14 the fences with their long and dangerous faces I would have koala bears they are harmless

  • Redphoenix 07.11.10 @ 7:58am

    @Cheese_soda, What would you have on your island…an37 ostrich perhaps…maybe a few other exotic animals?

  • Cheese_Soda 07.11.10 @ 1:11am

    @Redphoenix, well, zoos are fun for the entire14 family

  • Redphoenix 07.10.10 @ 6:07pm

    @Cheese_soda…I would go see a zebra at the zoo but they charge45 to get in. I love the elephants, they like eating grass I feed them….I didn’t get to see a hippo though….maybe next time…... :(

  • Cheese_Soda 07.10.10 @ 5:36pm

    @Redphoenix, Ya i do have a zebra, i just found53 it

  • RedPhoenix 07.10.10 @ 5:27pm

    @Cheese_soda, Do you have zebra55’s on your island? I wish people would ignore me sometimes…

  • Cheese_Soda 07.10.10 @ 5:23pm

    @Redphoenix, No one is listening to you, because u have no audience13

  • dev 07.10.10 @ 4:23pm


  • Redphoenix 07.10.10 @ 9:19am

    @ Cheese_soda, either you are not getting any good stuff from your gal or you live on an island12 alone with just your hand…..Can’t beat the real thing….

  • Cheese_Soda 07.10.10 @ 5:22am

    Looks like *puts on sunglasses* these thing are getting annoying
    and have a good evening12

  • Eatintea 07.09.10 @ 6:52am

    It’s gonna look like a sprinkler head, you know that, right?

  • Redphoenix 07.08.10 @ 7:32pm

    BYOC ~ bring your own condoms, girls….the amount46 of those are at your discretion and energy levels…

  • nick 07.08.10 @ 6:58pm

    looks they are gonna have a family48

  • markwritesmusic 07.08.10 @ 6:21pm

    Looks like today is not her day53.

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.08.10 @ 5:28pm

    Boys87 will be boys87

  • Redphoenix 07.08.10 @ 5:15pm

    @ ME…(?) Let’s talk75 straight up….AS LONG AS I AM NOT THE FEMALE GUINEA PIG! Plus I’d need a ring and a commitment first….

  • RedPhoenix 07.08.10 @ 5:11pm

    Develop24 a new strategy, Johnny Utah….

  • Trickster 07.08.10 @ 3:23pm

    Man this guy should go fuck himself53.

    After he finishes up with her, of course

  • Morpheus 07.08.10 @ 2:57pm

    For years I thought she was the one, but then I realized:

    Neo is the one.

  • See? 07.08.10 @ 2:50pm

    Too much prod/con, not enough dev/dev.

  • Tori 07.08.10 @ 2:02pm

    ahh the start of John and Lorena Bobbitt’s life together

  • theOnlyChuck 07.08.10 @ 1:31pm

    looks like this guy *takes off glasses* is planning on having sexual intercourse. YYYEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Balls 07.08.10 @ 12:56pm

    Really tho, this is scary.  And, um, I live on the east77 coast.

  • Adam Balls 07.08.10 @ 12:56pm

    Her life is over13 :-(
    [this is a fun game]

  • kids i have sold for drinks 07.08.10 @ 12:30pm

    If he loves her with a pasion of fire18.

  • munchybot 07.08.10 @ 12:16pm

    Johnny Utah is now officially my least favorite person on the planet.

  • ME 07.08.10 @ 12:12pm

    @RedPhoenix: but hey, what a way to find out!

  • Horatio 07.08.10 @ 10:15am

    I think CSI:miami comments are official troll material at this point….

  • I May Or May Not Be Adopted 07.08.10 @ 9:47am

    Looks like this guy *steals other person’s sunglasses* needs to set the mood with some music84.

  • RedPhoenix 07.08.10 @ 7:20am

    Coincidently, 3 months later, he found out his sperm count was low.

  • Your Biological Father 07.08.10 @ 6:41am

    I don’t generally choose video discussion threads to pray, but here we go:  O Mighty Moderators, please actively police these threads, deleting the shitty CSI: Miami gags and any post that contains their CAPTCHA information.  Mods hear my prayers.

  • jebezz 07.08.10 @ 6:00am

    Awesome 5SF and my birthday? SUPEEER COMBOOOO

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 07.08.10 @ 5:27am

    looks like this girl *steps on sunglasses* is the one.

  • wheresmyhouse 07.08.10 @ 4:13am



  • Apom 07.08.10 @ 2:36am

    Am I the only one reminded about that metallica song?

    Darkness imprisoning me
    I cannot live
    I cannot die

  • Kushie 07.08.10 @ 12:33am

    This 5SF is scarier than that infinite video Halloween one.

  • wererat2000 07.08.10 @ 12:32am

    ya, THAT’S a good idea! 18 years of kids waking you up in the middle of the night(yes the full 18 assuming they leve you then) paying for the extra food, the school, the clothes?now think about HER? she’s gonna need to squeeze the little bugger out, and what if there’s TWINS! if you love her, get annother condom

  • Nerozero 07.08.10 @ 12:11am

    Looks like this guy *takes off sunglasses* is a bit of a prick.

  • Killericon 07.07.10 @ 11:18pm

    Oh god.

  • Batman 07.07.10 @ 11:07pm

    Looks like this guy *takes off sunglasses* is unBEARable!

  • Johnny Utah 07.07.10 @ 11:02pm

    NO!!! Not Kelsey!
    Everything is losing it’s meaning94

  • Kleiner 07.07.10 @ 11:01pm


  • Kleiner 07.07.10 @ 11:00pm


  • Johnny Utah 07.07.10 @ 11:00pm

    I should get a life. I should get a life. I should get a life.
    I should get a life. I should get a life. I should get a life.
    Well have you guys seen my photo sitting on a bench?
    I should get a life. I should get a life. I should get a life.

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