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Some may accuse us of being joke thieves. Well, it goes both ways, and all we can say is, don't walk in our park and we won't walk in yours. Unless you've got clean restrooms.


  • Maydi 08.03.14 @ 10:14pm

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  • Maydi 08.03.14 @ 10:09pm

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  • Spirulina 05.12.14 @ 10:14am

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  • Spirulina 05.11.14 @ 2:11am

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  • jim 04.09.14 @ 4:01am

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  • crash_test_vagina 10.22.13 @ 1:49pm

    Oh my gosh, did he say Indian?!

  • Upin 11.17.12 @ 3:12am

    haha you feel so?? Even at King’s way, once i had to try 3 or 4 ATMs .they were not working at all since there are 7, thank god one of them wekrod. And about internet banking, you are so true. They constantly make u to travel to bank (as if we love them so much) for password or sth like tht dunno why instead of simplifying banking, they are bent on making it so complicated Sigh!!

  • Ethan Garcia 12.03.10 @ 1:43pm

    that looks like brain posehn is it him

  • Schneidy 10.28.10 @ 6:54pm

    Is that Brian Posehn playing the mugger? It looks just like him.

  • R8.50Mango 09.20.10 @ 11:29am

    Jon Worley would fit right in in South Africa. Only one of us could cost22 a mugger his ‘‘props’‘

  • lassegg69 09.03.10 @ 7:10pm

    so thats how carrot top gets his jokes

  • minetruly 08.29.10 @ 8:39am

    “First I’m going to need a prop… and your wallet.”


  • Michael Bertrand 08.06.10 @ 4:43am

    Awesome stuff, especially the first and last ones.

    The last sentence in the description would be funnier if it was “Unless yours has clean restrooms”.

  • Pedobear 07.24.10 @ 9:03am

    It’s not rape, it’s surprise sex!

  • David 06.07.10 @ 12:14pm

    The last two were amazing

  • Jonathan 05.11.10 @ 11:17pm

    I’m still laughing at the Superman one.

  • theperson 04.15.10 @ 4:02pm

    Kelsey being hot and this video being funny ftw!

  • jogiff 04.15.10 @ 12:29am

    Humtum, my Native American friend was walking by while I was reading that and now he thinks I’m a racist. Thanks a lot, jerkwad.

    Also, why does the subject have to be Indian?

  • Adam 04.14.10 @ 8:08pm

    Jon Worley: Meets a mugger, takes his wallet.

  • humtum 04.12.10 @ 6:58pm

    An Indian walks into a bar with a shotgun in one hand

    and a bucket of buffalo manure in the other. He says

    to the bartender, “Me want coffee.” He gets the Indian

    a tall mug of coffee and the Indian drinks in down in

    one gulp, picks up the bucket of manure, throws it

    into the air, blasts it with the shotgun, then just walks out.

    The next morning the Indian returns. He has his

    shotgun in one hand and a bucket of buffalo manure in

    the other. He walks up to the counter and says to the

    bartender, “Me want coffee.” The waiter says, “Whoa,

    Tonto! We’re still cleaning up your mess from

    yesterday. What the heck was that all about anyway?”

    The Indian smiles and proudly says, “Me training for

    upper management position: Come in, drink coffee,

    shoot the shit, leave mess for others to clean up,

    disappear for rest of day.”

  • Mr Ugly 04.12.10 @ 5:54pm

    “Ok, Superman and two drunks are at the top of a building and su-fuckin shit forget i said Superman”


  • tay 04.12.10 @ 4:34pm

    sometimes i just want one more second to stare at kelsey. or maybe several seconds, yep several!

  • cgrip 04.12.10 @ 4:08pm

    Three drunks are standing on top of the Empire State Building.
    The first one says to the other two, “You know, it’s a funny thing about these wind currents. A person could jump off of this building right now and not even hit the ground; the wind would carry him right back up to the top of the building!”

    The second drunk says, “You’re crazy!”

    The first drunk says, “I’m serious! Watch!” The first drunk jumps off of the building, and the wind carries him right back up to the top!

    The second drunk says, “Let me try!”
    So the second drunk leaps off of the building and promptly falls to the street below, landing with a hideous SPLAT!

    The first drunk smiles, clearly amused. The third drunk looks at him and says, “You know, Superman, you can be a real Jerk When you’re drunk!”

  • Dude Huge 04.12.10 @ 4:06pm

    The superman joke was that best.  It literally made me “LOL”.  I’m in public, so I looked like an idiot, but what can you do.

  • One_Random_Encounter 04.12.10 @ 2:31pm

    The more you know

  • Ratfuzz 04.12.10 @ 1:26pm

    Crap, I accidentally clicked on “miss” but this was a major hit. Keep up the good work, team!

  • Shickypoo 04.12.10 @ 1:08pm

    haha rape

  • The OTHER Brian 04.12.10 @ 12:08pm

    my favorite was Jon’s joke XD

  • Gamecube 04.12.10 @ 10:21am

    super funny!

  • Rayge 04.12.10 @ 10:01am

    Worley is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ME 04.12.10 @ 9:40am

    Rape is NEVER a laughing matter.

    Unless you’re raping a clown.

  • Tinkerbell 04.12.10 @ 8:53am

    i find this video a harassment to my gender, WHY ISNT THE GIRL SHOT TOO?!

  • cronin_burger 04.12.10 @ 8:31am

    All right! I love multiple 5sfs! So is brian a zombie at the end or something?  I thought he got shot dead!  Or maybe he just suffered a mere flesh wound that put him into temporary shock and came too when he heard “rape!” only to find that it was supposed to be a joke but using his good sense of morality agreed with the joke thief that indeed it was not funny and in conjunction with the rest of the members of the film proceeded to shake his head in disappointment of her outlandish attempt to make a funny utilizing the theory of ‘shock humor.’ 
    Good job guys:  8.5/10

  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 04.12.10 @ 7:26am

    shhhh shhh shhh shhhhh!

  • obscurerreference 04.12.10 @ 7:16am

    Nice Indian costume…... And warpaint

  • Jay Leno 04.12.10 @ 3:51am

    LOL, reminds me of the time I stole an guy’s entire show!

  • the one and only... 04.12.10 @ 3:24am

    wait, brian was killed, he can’t appear at the end to tell the audience “rape” isn’t funny…

  • wererat2000 04.12.10 @ 3:08am

    “first i’m going to need a prop.”
    “and your wallet?”
    bravo my good sir, you are a master at theft.

  • jogiff 04.11.10 @ 11:55pm

    Also, I really love these videos that are a bunch of 5 second vids. They feel like a bonus.

    Also, Firenzi makes a great fratboy.

    Furthermore, RF makes a good point.

  • jogiff 04.11.10 @ 11:54pm

    Man, thought for sure I’d finally be first ;_;

    But if I’m not, at least I can ask my question: Is there a way to watch some of your earlier vids that have disappeared?

  • RF 04.11.10 @ 11:42pm

    Unlike rape, this video IS funny.

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