‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Test...

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    Otlichno mne nravitsya.

  • Adam 06.04.11 @ 6:41pm

    fucking hilarious lol!
    makes me wet too. ugh!

  • torrent sites 06.03.11 @ 11:54am

    hat’s gotta be a heluva mess to clean up… not to mention it probably smells like wicked lycanthropic/vampiric sex.

  • Dave 05.20.11 @ 12:22pm

    Great. A quart of pussy juice from some old granny. that seat must be removed and burned.

  • WebBizideas 04.20.11 @ 2:31pm

    Pretty funny 5 second film.  The liquid on the seat sounded and looked very real.

  • This is ... 01.04.11 @ 3:06pm

    Looks like the viewers *takes out fake vamire fangs* got the message.

  • Anonfag 12.29.10 @ 8:59am

    I love what the guy says afterwards.
    Good movie. It’s done.
    But that really was gross D:

  • Ethan Morris 12.13.10 @ 1:12pm

    So the question was, did a guy or girl sit in that seat and how long were the ‘liquids’ there?

  • nspan 12.10.10 @ 10:41am

    best 5sf ever

  • Deacon Frost 12.08.10 @ 4:53pm

    omg loll perhaps too intense.

  • bitch tits 11.21.10 @ 1:11pm

    oh shit, the same thing happened to me!

  • Canaduke 11.19.10 @ 1:04am

    Usually don’t find these 5-second films that funny, but I keep stumbling to them.  This one, absolutely awesome.

  • xuc 11.09.10 @ 2:42pm

    So it’s a good movie when people piss themselves?  Lame.

  • violet 11.06.10 @ 9:57pm

    only in soviet russia…..

    that got a little personal63

  • violet 11.06.10 @ 9:38pm

    wow, russians are douches. put this into google translate, their comments are hilarious. however, they don’t get the joke.
    i’m bringing a blacklight with me to the movies from now on….

  • Slimebo 10.20.10 @ 10:46pm

    The squish always gets me.


  • professional resume 10.19.10 @ 12:42am

    It is like shit! I don`t understand this stupidity!

  • Robert 10.16.10 @ 3:21pm

    That was so wrong…

  • Spencer 10.16.10 @ 11:18am

    thats why the seats were wet

  • Cooze 10.10.10 @ 10:59am

    ewwwwwhhhh hahaha awesome tho.

  • stag 10.07.10 @ 6:19pm

    no balls. shoulda had him taste it.

  • Potimer 10.03.10 @ 5:48pm

    What somebody spilled their pop I don’t ge…..


  • Scalar 09.15.10 @ 10:18pm

    The first time I saw this I thought it was the best thing ever, then I saw Booyakasha!

  • dan 09.11.10 @ 1:05pm

    i want to smell the seat

  • Toasted 09.07.10 @ 9:13pm

    Would be less horrifying, but also less funny, if it weren’t true. Twilight is porn for emo kids and menopausal women.

  • MAtt Rabbi 09.07.10 @ 1:00pm

    almost as good as the true blood

  • the post of awsomeness 09.06.10 @ 4:54pm

    i’m on team jacob

  • Brian 08.30.10 @ 2:36am

    hey guys its brian,i just wanted to say your all fucking retards who have no life but to watch our videos

  • sausages 08.27.10 @ 5:36pm

    Wrong. Wroooonnnngggg. And possibly true

  • evgen 08.26.10 @ 10:31pm

    great post

  • essay company 08.26.10 @ 5:18am

    It was rather funny.

  • Erick from the depths of the Dreamlands 08.18.10 @ 10:15am

    to Misha and Vitawya you can’t be so sure, not every internet user comes from american, african or other continents handicapped country, and many people know cyrylic alphabet good enough to understand you коллег...

  • diet withephedra 08.16.10 @ 4:29am

    omg! This is so funny!

  • Alias 08.08.10 @ 4:18pm

    Yeah, because the fact that English is a more prevalent language than Russian, being more wide-spread and by far the second language of non-native speakers truly shows that your language is superior.  Take your elitism somewhere else, where it’s deserved.

  • songlyrics 07.26.10 @ 12:02am

    what is that in the seat?sperm?sugar?glue?
    sorry, i dont think this is funny but just an idiot try to fool people…;P

  • ModelOZX 07.13.10 @ 9:05pm

    Ah, so true.
    Now I’m going to go regurgitate my recently eaten food and desperately try to unthink what would happen in the actual theater.
    (leaves and does so)

  • Evan Glodell 07.07.10 @ 1:51pm


  • john 07.06.10 @ 1:02pm

    Had to watch it twice, but OMG!!

  • blaine 06.30.10 @ 7:42am

    hahhahhahhahahah thts kinda funny…. kinda gross too…. hmmm.. lol

  • RedPhoenix 06.28.10 @ 7:53am

    Ahhhhh, that ain’t right…....

  • Jay 06.18.10 @ 7:51am

    Wow thatweird. What Im wonderin is that dude touched It. It makes you wonder….... Anybody else smell fish?

  • Меня зовут Виталя 06.08.10 @ 11:08pm

    Yes, we are everywhere! We filled the entire Internet. And, unlike you know your language)) Ну да ладно. Фильм этот я ваще не смотрел. Мне на него пофиг как-то! Ахахах

  • Perp 06.08.10 @ 1:52am


  • meh 05.21.10 @ 7:56am

    meh, i dont get it… whats twilight? does twilight thing turns older women into snails?

  • LeadKnife 05.18.10 @ 3:05pm

    hahahahahaha epic!

  • mantz 05.17.10 @ 7:13pm

    Is it just me, or did it get really Russian in here?

  • slon 05.16.10 @ 11:32am

    2.11.10 @ 11:28am


    2.11.10 @ 11:29am


    ох идиоты...  :(

  • hannibal 05.12.10 @ 10:36pm

    what the fuck
    this is so wrong

  • TheBigMystery 05.08.10 @ 11:53am

    That my sirs, is an EPIC WIN. Now lets go watch a movie at the theater. If its wet, walk away.

  • Jimmmy 05.03.10 @ 4:52pm

    I threw up a little

  • Achtnug 04.30.10 @ 2:26am

    oh gawd hilarious but just disgusting!!! =D!! aaaaargh!

  • meep 04.26.10 @ 1:16pm

    OK, what did you use to make that? Did you actually stick an old lady in a seat or used some kinda substitute, b/c I REALLY want to prank someone with this.

  • Whoya 04.20.10 @ 7:48am

    Takes they parody phrase “Twatlight” to a whole new level. Rightfully the current site’s Top Viewed.

  • DrakeMagnum 04.14.10 @ 1:09am

    well played son

  • Mauricio 04.06.10 @ 8:31pm

    hahahahahaha, thats great!!! hahaha xD
    i remember when i see the 1° movie with mi “x”, hahahahah
    yeees, and we dont have any soda… and i didnt do anything….
    yes… scary…

  • Wuffers 04.06.10 @ 8:00pm

    Now I know why my bed was all wet after my aunt watched the DVD in my room…. Thanks for the eye opener guys. o.e *Belch*

  • @legacy62 03.23.10 @ 11:17am


  • maxii 03.22.10 @ 3:58am

    I find this is entirely too funny. And entirely shameful that I get the joke as I just watched the new one yesterday on DVD. DISCLAIMER: I have two teenage daughters.

  • Virgil 03.18.10 @ 8:32am

    doux jésus

  • erlosung 03.05.10 @ 10:55am

    twilight, a girls choice between necrophilia and bestiality

  • ÑanduTrip 02.27.10 @ 8:46pm

    I don’t care what most of the fags on this comment section say; vaginal fluids are delicious.

  • The end is cookiez 02.23.10 @ 1:31am

    XD I didn’t get it at first, but when I read the discription…. I got it *raises barf bag to face one more time*

  • Pain 02.18.10 @ 7:28pm

    .... I will never be able to look my Aunt in the eye again.

  • R.A.I.U. 02.16.10 @ 9:33pm

    I still feel bad for that other vampire that feels fat….

  • For Seriously! 02.16.10 @ 9:41am

    “this cannot be unseen.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • SuperKev 02.15.10 @ 1:46pm

    Hahaha, thanx sandwich!
    I wondered how long it would take someone to (rightfully) hate on my ridiculously long comment.
    13 Hours…good job.

  • Josh 02.13.10 @ 9:05am

    ... and now, for the age-old phrase: It’s funny because it’s true!

  • Nurse Ammy 02.12.10 @ 1:21am

    Mind Bleach… NOW.

  • shmoe 02.12.10 @ 1:06am

    hahahhahahhaha soooo good

  • R.A.I.U. 02.12.10 @ 12:03am

    Oh, dear, lord….
    so true….

  • Carlos 02.11.10 @ 10:18pm

    My favorite part is when Mike says “its done.”  They kept doing reshoots and different cuts of the movie, but only until his entire hand was covered in the crystal custard of an unassuming female was he certain that the film was finally finished.

    Great 5sf.

  • padurn 02.11.10 @ 9:29pm

    It’s good.  I think your actors are using performance enhancing drugs.

  • That Guy From That Place 02.11.10 @ 7:01pm

    Sorry, but Kevin Smith beat you to the bunch back at last year’s Comic-Con. Look it up on YouTube.

  • sandwich 02.11.10 @ 6:56pm

    SuperKev is a giant douche.

  • Richard Blade 02.11.10 @ 5:08pm

    LOL at the people who were disturbed or offended by this.

  • Nex 02.11.10 @ 5:04pm

    Who thought of this one? Give that person a soda.

  • Wolf's Winter 02.11.10 @ 2:53pm

    Ouch… my soul hurts now.

    Very well done.

  • tuco 02.11.10 @ 12:47pm

    That was.. just…

    FUCKING AWESOME! But replace lonely older women with lonely, fat 14-year-olds

  • JDK4 02.11.10 @ 11:59am

    i must admit that the seat covered in vaginal secretions was pretty good lol

  • Your Biological Father 02.11.10 @ 11:37am

    This is the most disgusting funny thing I’ve seen.

  • Wes 02.11.10 @ 10:23am

    Exactly how my EX reacted to these movies….....eww

  • Dan 02.11.10 @ 10:15am

    Wasn’t really all that good until he said “It’s good” about six different ways. Awesome.

  • crying 02.11.10 @ 10:07am

    Oh GOD. I’ve been sick, but as soon as he raised his hand I threw up all over my laptop.


  • Gamegeneral 02.11.10 @ 9:40am

    EUUUUUEEAAAAGH *mind bleach*

  • rayge 02.11.10 @ 9:29am

    that was funny.

  • rayge 02.11.10 @ 9:29am


  • rayge 02.11.10 @ 9:28am


  • Haywood Jablome 02.11.10 @ 9:25am

    That movie theater must smell like low tide.

  • linko 02.11.10 @ 9:22am

    So, how does one get a job like that?

    I’m umm… asking for… a friend.

  • ME 02.11.10 @ 9:05am

    So… Twilight induces bulimia in Vampires and “Squirting” Orgasms in old women?

  • Jeff 02.11.10 @ 8:47am

    Holy mother of God

  • xxemiliahxx 02.11.10 @ 8:02am

    this cannot be unseen.

  • Isotaupe 02.11.10 @ 7:30am


  • ZombieBuffet 02.11.10 @ 6:55am

    Oh, sweet jesus.

    No wonder those floors are so sticky.

  • Earthbreaker 02.11.10 @ 6:32am

    Thunder-gross! doubt95

  • Edward Cullin 02.11.10 @ 6:18am

    True, true!

  • Stratagem Pictures 02.11.10 @ 5:42am

    Holy shit.  Best way to describe this one:  Jaw Dropping.  I wasnt expecting that bahahahah

  • SuperKev 02.11.10 @ 5:42am

    Hmmm, okay guys I usually lovee your videos but this one is dumb. I mean I would expect the Twlight movies to parodied in such a way (at least by 5sf) that pertained somewhat to the movie itself, not a stupid movie theater.
    I mean seriously, what does a wet seat in a movie theater have o do with the Twilight movies. What the heck is that anyway?
    What? Is it supposed to be soda? oooh haha, real funny
    Is it supposed to be pee? Did someone get so scared they peed in their seat? oooh real funny
    I mean, if you wanted to make it funny, it should be because the guys in the film are so hot that the girls….wait a minute…WAAAIIIT A MINUTE!
    IS…IS THAT…....
    It’s super sticky, soaking wet ‘gina juice!

    ...wait a minute, you guys happen to have the numbers for those neglected older women?

  • Nickloves5SF 02.11.10 @ 5:20am

    that’s great, so nasty

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