Those Weren’t Tic Tacs

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It's really a common mistake, especially since Tic Tacs started coming out with an "Acid" flavor, in a label-free plastic container that you can only get in the backrooms of seedy drugstores.


  • lpvqnci 12.01.16 @ 2:53am

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  • Mels Bells 04.12.12 @ 6:12pm

    shirtless Brian and pantless Paul…now THAT"S a film…

  • Ian 04.12.12 @ 2:40pm

    More videos of shirtless Brian?

    More videos of shirtless Brian.

  • kalvynevans 04.11.12 @ 4:34pm

    @Pastor of Muppets:

    I actually have done acid, and we really did have to fight off an army of cactus demons (aka regular cactuses just minding their own business) . They were jumping cactuses that resembled tarantulas the size of bears, busting out of the ground and waving their branches at us menacingly. So the fact that you mentioned cactus demons is VERY SPOOKY.

  • Gorlac 04.11.12 @ 2:22pm

    Firenzi acted very…  Rousselet-esque in this 5SF.

    Don’t know if like.

  • ibs2pid 04.11.12 @ 12:49pm

    Good lord i dont think we can handle 2 brians!!!

  • Man Solo 04.11.12 @ 12:11pm

    I actually spat up my food, watching this.

    You get as many stars as there are seconds in your title.

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 04.11.12 @ 8:42am

    Oh, and I give this video four CACTUS DEMONS EATING MY FACE

  • Pastor_of_Muppets 04.11.12 @ 8:42am

    Apparently, this is “Drug Week”.  Day 1 was Helium, the worst one out there.

  • Aaron Pressman 04.11.12 @ 5:52am

    Now on shrooms, you may have realized you just unlocked the rabbit hole between the multiple dimensions of yourself…

  • Mr Wednesday 04.11.12 @ 3:36am

    Oh, okay, got kicked in the face by my own brain, which then proceeded to point out what acid was. D’oh!

  • TheOnlyChuck 04.11.12 @ 1:20am

    Mind. Blown

  • Matchstickman 04.11.12 @ 12:48am

    Nice hat though

  • Matchstickman 04.11.12 @ 12:47am

    So Brian hallucinates more clothes on people?
    That’s kinda the opposite of most people, you are one weird dude.

  • Mr Wednesday 04.11.12 @ 12:29am

    I ... I ... I don’t get it. :(
    (Could be a reference to something that’s not widely known outside the US of A?)

  • padurn 04.11.12 @ 12:08am

    Tic Tacs are like teeth.

  • kalvynevans 04.11.12 @ 12:06am

    And judging from most of these videos, I always just figured Brian was on acid all the time.

  • kalvynevans 04.11.12 @ 12:05am

    I’m first? My gosh! I’m never first!

    I suck!

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