Time Travel Phone

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Seeing as how each phone call sets you back $15,000, Mark has reason to be angry with his past self. Sadly, the anger creates a cycle of phone bills that can seemingly never be broken.


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  • monica22 07.17.13 @ 4:27am

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  • Bgirlsmile96 04.15.13 @ 4:04am

    mark XD…. HIHIHIHI

  • Nick 11.29.12 @ 11:36am

    I love you forever for putting mark in this. he is god. ok bye.

  • Nick 11.29.12 @ 11:35am

    5 second films,

  • Joshua Benitez 11.18.12 @ 6:38pm

    holy shit it’s mark. I’ve been following you gusy for a long time. I’m totally stoakted on all the recognition you’re getting.

  • JustAnotherKnowItAll 11.17.12 @ 4:19pm

    lol. i love this one.
    theyre just sitting there and he gets a call, and gets called an asshole. confused and offended, he lets maria know that he just got called an asshole by himself. in a rage, he calls himself back and retaliates with ‘you’re an asshole!’
    ending up being the call that sets off the whole scene in motion in the first place!

  • Kyra 11.02.12 @ 6:33am

    I love mark hoppus

  • Bob 10.26.12 @ 7:42pm

    These guys didn’t age well :/

  • asdfghjkl 10.25.12 @ 3:33pm

    Holy crap it’s Scott!

  • A land far away 10.23.12 @ 2:39pm

    Mark Hoppus???

    I just mentaly traveled 10 years back in time.. And funny thing! the past me would have called the now-me an asshole..

  • Bok 10.23.12 @ 1:37pm

    Jacob Christopher: no, his future self called his past self an asshole, so his past self, who is now his future self, is sending his past self, who will soon be his future self, a message calling him an asshole. Now we just need to hope his future future self isn’t going to send a message back to warn his then past self and past past self not to get into this time loop, thereby causing a time paradox. At that point his first reaction would probably be for his future future future self to send a message to his future future self, who would then be his past self, saying that he should not try to send a message to his past self and past past self, who at that point would be his past past past self and past past self to stop sending the first message, because that would cause the time paradox, thereby causing a time paradox loop. Hope that cleared it up a bit.

  • naked buns baked nuns 10.23.12 @ 5:18am

    They’re both right…

  • Han Solo 10.22.12 @ 10:40pm

    fucking time bubbles   :I

  • Lorenzo 10.22.12 @ 7:00pm

    Thank you 5sf for including one of my most favorite people in your skit…

  • dinkpop 10.22.12 @ 12:56pm

    guest star: morrissey

  • General Douchington 10.22.12 @ 12:18pm

    Is that a fucking omnitrix?


  • Brad 10.22.12 @ 11:53am

    Sorry, it took me a bit to recognize who I was looking at.

  • Jacob Christopher 10.22.12 @ 10:42am

    Surely it should be *7 seconds later*?

  • Srsly tho 10.22.12 @ 10:10am

    woo! I’m thinking we can expect more blink 182 members this week?

  • Dutchbrony 10.22.12 @ 9:49am

    It is so much time travel, it even appeared in the RSS feed before it was on this site :O

  • airsha 10.22.12 @ 9:42am

    Mark, you are my hero.
    Also, I love 5sf.
    This just made my month, thank you both smile

  • shotakun 10.22.12 @ 7:56am


  • Pastor_of_Muppets 10.22.12 @ 7:53am

    I’d think that, instead of crank calling myself, I’d offer useful advice, like “Hold your Yahoo stock until mid-2000” or “Don’t get that BJ off that hooker with pink hair in 2006”.

    /I give this video 5 calls to 1989

  • Cloven 10.22.12 @ 7:52am

    The phone company gets to charge for both sending and receiving the temporal phone calls, and since it’s the same phone doing both, they were soon rolling in the dough.  It’s reported that the CEO’s pupils actually turned into dollar signs with a loud “cha-ching!” noise.

  • JSPN 10.22.12 @ 7:42am

    And so, the cycle of Deja Vu ensues

  • Here's the thing,... 10.22.12 @ 7:29am


  • Here's the thing,... 10.22.12 @ 7:29am

    And that, chidlren, was the beginning of the end of the world.

  • FISTO! 10.22.12 @ 7:27am

    What’s the area code?

  • TheDarkNerd 10.22.12 @ 6:56am

    Though, wouldn’t it effectively just be one $15k charge per timeline? Or two if it’s charged both sending and receiving. Time paradoxes are weird, but I suppose that’s the decision of Steins;Gate.

  • Jonathan 10.22.12 @ 12:14am

    Mark seems to be stuck in some sort of loop…

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