Truman Capote’s Children’s Hour

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Nothing can prepare you for the moment where Perry the Parrot's neck snaps right as the rope pulls taut, and he swings back and forth like a pendulum, with only the sound of a heartbeat slowly dying as the screen fades to black. Because it redefines family fun!


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  • John 08.16.10 @ 5:24pm

    I’m not modest or anything but I’m a fucking genius and you guys are fucking funny

  • K.K. Ph.D 03.06.10 @ 5:08am


  • Dennis 03.03.10 @ 8:07am

    Where is that from (What he’s reading)?

  • Kevin 03.02.10 @ 7:19am

    AHHAHAHA.  This is genius…

  • wpk914 02.23.10 @ 5:09pm

    i have no idea why i keep watching this one.

    but i like it

  • Alexandre HITTI 02.23.10 @ 4:41am

    What a good actor !

  • Pseudological 02.21.10 @ 11:09pm

    @MineTruly cardiac tissue automatically contracts and is controlled largely by pacemaker cells that are found in the heart itself. The brain simply controls how frequently and powerfully it beats, so it would carry on even after the neck was snapped. If you provide the right nutrients and environment, you can actually keep a heart beating outside of the body. Fun stuff.

    Just making sure you weren’t distributing inaccuracy to the amazing viewers of 5sf.

    Also, less negativity, more “DEATH AND BLOOD”.
    LawlzMagee is onto the right attitude.

  • MrUgly 02.20.10 @ 11:19pm

    hey kids gotta learn the gruesome side of murder someday. . . this is the best possible way to teach them. . . beside first hand experience. . .

    More Johnny Quickdeath

  • LawlzMagee 02.19.10 @ 11:28pm

    @Mine Truly, stfu we hate negative ppl here

    but we love death and agony.



  • Kushie 02.19.10 @ 10:09pm

    Is it weird to get a hard on from this?

  • OneRandomEncounter 02.19.10 @ 8:51pm

    I’d watch that show

  • Brian Firenzi 02.19.10 @ 7:24pm

    @MineTruly: I wouldn’t know about that, it’s just how the movie “In Cold Blood” ends, if memory serves me correctly.

  • . 02.19.10 @ 6:02pm

    @Mine Truly Also, shut up, this one’s funny.

  • @ Mine Truly 2 02.19.10 @ 3:42pm

    I think since the refractory period is a little longer for pacemaker cells the feedback from the SA and AV node to each other attenuates after sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation is cut.

  • @ Mine Truly 02.19.10 @ 2:18pm

    I’ve actually heard that heart tissue can continue to contract on it’s own.

  • ChelseaD 02.19.10 @ 2:16pm

    Ahahaaa, it’s funnier if you’ve seen the Capote movie. Nice one.

  • MineTruly 02.19.10 @ 11:48am

    Also, when your neck snaps, doesn’t your heart stop beating instantly? While there are localized nerve clusters that control the heart’s beat, I think it still depends on signals from the brain to keep beating. You certainly would not hear its beats “slowly fade” if the rope broke Perry’s neck.

    It’s very irresponsible of you to distribute stories to children that contain inaccuracies.


  • MineTruly 02.19.10 @ 11:43am


    I just discovered that typing “” takes me to some Chinese site.

    Also, this video was disappointing. Not your usual brilliance at all.

    Sorry, nothing but complaints and sad faces today… :(

  • early47 02.19.10 @ 7:34am

    Those elephants are hella cute.

  • SuperKev 02.19.10 @ 6:15am

    Hahahaha, random…& sick. Rock on!

  • ME 02.19.10 @ 4:31am

    Does Blowjay the Whale make an appearance on this show?

  • ME 02.19.10 @ 4:30am

    Thanks… I’m actually working Sesame Street Live this weekend, but this is a much better plot.

  • Jim 02.18.10 @ 11:31pm

    hahaha awesome!

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