Up (The First 10 Minutes)

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Pixar does it again. Enabling an entire subsection of society that's steeped in delusion about death and pros at bone preservation.


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  • I Cry All The Time 01.05.13 @ 4:10pm

    I watched this with the rest of my family, and everyone over the age of 10 was crying, but the little kids weren’t!

  • huh? 12.27.10 @ 5:46pm

    You went down on your mom?

  • Jess 11.24.10 @ 2:08pm

    It’s funny because that’s how this went down when I watched it with my mom.

  • Ellie 04.22.10 @ 6:51pm

    The dude on the very right looks like Mac from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

  • lau 03.27.10 @ 11:45am

    why does the old man sound exactly like adam sandler?

  • kari418 03.20.10 @ 10:40pm

    whoever made this is an asshole…

    @Cloven kids grow up learning worse things than death..so leave pixar along!

  • padurn 03.03.10 @ 5:33pm

    It’s about time taxidermy is shown in a good light.

  • UcanDObetter 03.03.10 @ 5:32pm

    Yet another totally lame 5SF ‘Oscar®’ nod in the disappointment pile. C’mon fellas, look alive!

  • Brian Firenzi 03.03.10 @ 2:04pm

    @YourLastResort thanks back! Yeah, we decided it’s hard to make fun of perfection, but much easier to make fun of crying people.

  • YourLastResort 03.03.10 @ 12:44pm

    Thanks for not destroying such a touching movie with a parody and instead focus on a different joke. Seriously, thank you.

  • Failed Punchline 03.03.10 @ 12:29pm

    The beginning of Up was possibly one of the most heart wrenching montages I’ve seen. and those who think it was overly sad, remember many Disney movies with equally sad, if not more. Bambi, when the parents were killed. Tarzan beginning, etc. there’s a distinct history of incredibly sad moments in Disney.

  • LeftOverCheese 03.03.10 @ 11:36am


  • Jonathan 03.03.10 @ 8:55am

    LOL, concentrated sad.  Pretty much.

  • Your Biological Father 03.03.10 @ 8:00am

    Jesus that movie is rough.  The first 20 minutes or so is just painful.  It’s like they invented concentrated sad.  That being said, the movie as a whole is fucking fantastic.  I love Dug!

  • ME 03.03.10 @ 4:15am

    Hm… Guess I’ll actually have to watch this movie.

  • Cloven 03.03.10 @ 4:05am

    I agree, I saw it with my wife and we were both saying “wtf?” at how sad it was.  Thanks pixar for damaging children.

  • Greytones 03.03.10 @ 12:57am

    LOL at how the guy looks to see if the chicks still crying, then continues to fake cry

  • Chich 03.03.10 @ 12:53am

    omg that part was so sad ; o; and it was the freakin’ beginning!!!! It was the final scene with the medal that got me, though.

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