Voodoo Slide Whistle

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Misplaced revenge for Kelsey's extreme boner kill last week? Perhaps.


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  • Shrike 11.02.13 @ 1:18pm

    Years later. This sunufabitch still gets me. Everytime.

  • RachelGreen 05.08.12 @ 1:45pm

    Face on Brian: Priceless

  • Lord Death of Murder Mountain 02.13.12 @ 4:18pm

    I want one.

  • glima 02.04.12 @ 10:54am

    i had to explain my parents 5sf after watching this without headphones…

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:13pm

    I wonder what happens if you slide it backwards…

  • belstaff 09.26.11 @ 6:07pm

    Father:Uh,oh,I think I just made an illegal right-hand turn.Susie:That is okay ,dad,the policeman behind you just did the same thing!

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    hey, spammers. Fuck you.

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  • Brian Atwood 06.02.11 @ 1:12am

    Mont Blanc Pens

  • Lavunte 10.26.10 @ 10:12pm

    a very evil but delicious whistle…black magic market, here i come…lol

  • Johnny's Dad 10.20.10 @ 4:58pm

    Uh oh, looks like he needs61 a refill on Extenze.

  • webkilroy314 10.09.10 @ 12:55am

    Forget voodoo. I use the force37!!

  • The4Seasons 10.08.10 @ 12:09pm

    @ Ricky - Took the text from my comment.
    ‘Oh, it’s normal’ 9/10
    Brian’s win face: 10/10

  • Ricky 09.09.10 @ 7:35pm

    I love how he knew EXACTLY what it was.

  • Fantasmagorical 09.09.10 @ 4:06am


  • GW Crawford 09.07.10 @ 5:30am

    Man, that was cold27

  • The Sentient Houseplant 09.06.10 @ 1:13pm

    There’s a lot of win going on with brian’s face here.

  • MineTruly 09.06.10 @ 8:28am

    I knew from the title that this would be good.

  • poo on u 09.05.10 @ 8:58pm

    @Mex not liker, you sir have killed my boner. i bid you good day
    ps. SHUT.. THE.. FUCK.. UP

  • El Taco Cart Guy 09.03.10 @ 3:17pm

    dude @mex not liker!... u fucking retard hes brazilian. and so am i so gethefuckoutofhere

  • poo on u 09.03.10 @ 2:32pm

    @Mex not liker!.. whoa take it easy this isnt the youtube comment space so lay of on @Felipe. secondly if they went back to mexico then where will i get my tasty oranges

  • Mex not liker! 09.03.10 @ 1:41pm

    dude me no like u borderhopper ^^^ gtfo and get a job or go float on a door back to mexico

  • Rether 09.02.10 @ 7:43pm


  • poo on u 09.02.10 @ 4:44pm

    i fuckin u guys also

  • From Accounting 09.01.10 @ 10:06pm

    Great work.

  • GorillsSnacks 09.01.10 @ 9:12pm

    Best comment ever: “I fuckin’ you guys.”

  • Gamegeneral 09.01.10 @ 8:05pm

    This one is top ten automatically because of the dialogue.

  • fingerblaster69 09.01.10 @ 7:53pm

    i love this vid this is like in my top 10

  • Lm108 09.01.10 @ 7:15pm


  • wererat2000 09.01.10 @ 7:02pm

    where does one get a wistle like that?

  • HAHAHAHAHomonyms 09.01.10 @ 6:57pm

    This is hilarious. I almost got would18

  • Laserface 09.01.10 @ 5:50pm

    I fuckin you guys.

  • Welp 09.01.10 @ 4:14pm

    This one was amazing.

  • GeePee 09.01.10 @ 1:26pm

    The system16 is down.

  • Smashfan 09.01.10 @ 12:18pm

    Dammit! lol XD

  • xxemiliahxx 09.01.10 @ 10:30am

    with that slide whistle, brian could rock my world64

  • Lm108 09.01.10 @ 10:16am

    Lol best one in awhile!!!

  • S.O.L 09.01.10 @ 10:07am

    Yeah, what are you bitching about? Sounds find to me. PS I want to have Kelsey’s children91

  • Dr_devious 09.01.10 @ 8:21am

    To those who are having audio issues.  Fix your speakers -.-;

  • jpmoney 09.01.10 @ 8:21am

    Brian’s face is what makes it. Also, whoever the chick is (Kelsey?) sounds like an awesome beast in bed.

  • karma 09.01.10 @ 7:55am

    ooooompf…brian making him lose length78

  • Jim 09.01.10 @ 6:11am

    sounds like Kelsey was having one good time…

  • ted 09.01.10 @ 5:52am

    “oh its normal”

    Kelsey is too good to be true

  • Failed Punchline 09.01.10 @ 5:15am

    This entire21 film is not one to share with your parents when they ask you what your job is nowadays.

  • nick 09.01.10 @ 4:50am

    when i sat down to my computer today i was hoping that this video would be good enough to brighten my day…..and the data83 i saw did not disappoint!

  • ME 09.01.10 @ 3:56am


    Holy cow, does he control both directions?

  • Jb 09.01.10 @ 3:33am

    I had to listen 6 times and turn it up really loud before I could understand her saying, “Oh, it’s normal.” Neighbors probably think I’m watching porn.

  • uncreativezac 08.31.10 @ 11:39pm

    As for the penis…removes glasses… he never saw it cumming! YEAAAAHHHH!!!

  • frank 08.31.10 @ 11:32pm

    man…... these videos are funny, but please oh please normalize the audio. it takes two seconds….. it makes me sad cuz sometimes it’s way quieter than everything else and it ruins it seeing it without the audio the first time….

  • Olivia's dream 08.31.10 @ 11:27pm

    LOLOL epic!

  • YEEEESSSSS! 08.31.10 @ 11:27pm

    Good, I’m not the only one!

  • kelbtropolis 08.31.10 @ 11:23pm

    so….if he whistles the other way…..
    ......I WANT ONE

  • Tori 08.31.10 @ 11:03pm

    woo random act of first

  • Tori 08.31.10 @ 11:02pm


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