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This election is the most important whatever you'll ever have to stuff and junk. Stay researched.


  • ykrngezx 12.01.16 @ 4:19am

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  • Alex 06.30.11 @ 12:24am

    Prop 0 makes too many good points. So we must vote no to it.

  • Belinda Benn 04.28.11 @ 12:53pm

    what was prop 69 ?

  • Mr. House 12.23.10 @ 8:36pm

    So many funny ass props. Zombies run in Movies now? WTF? Thats not good business33

  • erin 12.05.10 @ 2:01pm

    i love cake too

  • Lizard Breath 11.26.10 @ 11:29am

    This is OBVIOUSLY a highly nuanced political satire.

    The Nesquick rabbit is the government, telling the people how they should vote. The man getting stabbed is Liberty. And the message of the video is that no matter how we vote, whether do as the political machine says or no, Liberty is still dead.

    Just let the video speak61 for itself raspberry

  • Spencer 10.18.10 @ 5:57pm

    is that the same guy he was forcing nesquik down their throats?

  • Dark Lucario 10.06.10 @ 12:01pm

    Clearly this was before anyone wanted some FUCKING NESQUIK!!!

  • sdfs 08.28.10 @ 6:18am


  • YOU LOSE THE INTERNET!!! 08.10.10 @ 9:15am

    im voting yes to prop 107

  • zombieman 06.18.10 @ 10:46am


  • Enabsflow 05.17.10 @ 7:50am

    Silly is just that: silly. Of COURSE we’re screwed if GWB comes back.

  • KC 05.12.10 @ 5:30pm

    Maaaan no more chuckie cheese

  • OnlyTwice 03.29.10 @ 11:58am

    Prop 53. Seriously?

    I do like the ball pit though.

  • Johnny B. Goode 02.27.10 @ 6:08pm

    I’m lmaoing at prop 53. You never know what those people will be doing at a Chuck E. Chesse’s .

  • wolfagar 02.14.10 @ 9:48am

    prop53!! hahahaha @jiibuss i don´t know but i´m laughing as hell!!! hahaha while stabbing the guy he´s so serious hahaha

  • Jiibuss 01.05.10 @ 7:14pm

    Um, sure those props are great, BUT WHY THE HELL IS HE STABBING THE DUDE!??!?!?

  • daria 10.26.09 @ 11:23am

    wait i thought zombies already ran? i swear ive seen zombies run before.

  • LoveCakeMusic 10.11.09 @ 4:31pm

    Prop 79 all the time!

  • Left Over Cheese 10.06.09 @ 7:21pm

    Prop 64! Yes! Zombies should never run! It ruins my headshots!

  • CPUSA member 08.25.09 @ 11:29pm

    I think prop 0 is the most resonabale 1

  • SsouthparkK 08.15.09 @ 8:43am

    The Prop 8 one is confusing me…  It says vote no, but the argument on it is from the bigots of the Yes on 8 campaign. lol

  • Silly 07.01.09 @ 4:11pm

    I don’t want Bunny to come and kill me…
    I do think that if Zombie can run, we’re all scrwed…
    I do think that if GWB come back, we’re all scrwed…
    I do think that is you don’t give me cake right now, we’re all scrwed…
    I do think that if robots begin to feel like humans, they’ll kill most of us, take our place and do better job… And someday, they’ll give emotions to their little human slaves… and then, they’ll be scrwed!

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:11pm

    HAHAHH prop 40 hahahah

    give robots feeling chips, I dont need to tell why that is fucked up


  • death to elderly bastards 06.24.09 @ 4:58pm

    prop 54 sucks vote no

  • thenation 06.03.09 @ 3:24pm

    I really like the floppy ear on the last stab.

  • That Guy From That Place 04.21.09 @ 4:18pm

    Actually, I’m voting yes to 64. Thank you Danny Boyle.

  • Kevin 04.02.09 @ 1:15pm

    PROP 33 FTW

  • Nicknames are Phony 03.16.09 @ 2:49pm

    If you like this watch Kyle Cease.. he has a bit exactly like this.. when i first watched it i (insert anal secretion)ed my pants

  • DrakeMagnum 03.15.09 @ 3:07pm

    if I only I had seen this PSA in time!

  • Herring! 03.11.09 @ 12:45pm

    say what?

  • null-cipher 02.01.09 @ 12:11pm

    Prop 79 is the best.
    Cake is great.

  • Sylvain Racicot 01.18.09 @ 7:06pm

    So disturbing. Funny, but disturbing. Disturbing that I find it so funny. Very disturbing that I have watched it many times. I am now disturbed.

    OK, just one more time!

  • Boone 01.17.09 @ 7:17am

    I wish I had seen this prior to election day, as I can’t make decisions without someone telling me what my opinion is.

  • tiffany 12.02.08 @ 8:42am

    Prop 64 is scary

  • BiggerJ 11.04.08 @ 7:50pm

    Vote NO on Prop 33! That’s NOT okay with me!

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