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Are you filled with regret that you don't have the fabled attachment to your baby that you were told you'd have? Flip those regrets away!


  • foamy crispy 09.30.13 @ 10:07pm

    Extremely good…!!
    hvac San Diego

  • TheDew 01.20.13 @ 4:53pm

    I need a flip-a-table thingy

  • Child 09.19.12 @ 7:58am

    I hate grandma, do you have equipment to get rid of her too ?

  • Man Solo 02.25.12 @ 12:54pm

    The ominous hand that holds the baby from falling in the first second.

  • Naufal 09.15.11 @ 3:00am

    killer babies

  • Boj 07.07.11 @ 1:29pm

    now show him this again when he’s older

  • EviL EsKiMo 01.01.11 @ 3:46pm

    we could use this for days63!

  • Mike 12.27.10 @ 3:49pm

    ILL TAKE 93

  • The Sentient Houseplant 07.25.10 @ 11:14pm

    I read the title and I suddenly87 said “okay” aloud.

  • wolf 04.18.10 @ 10:04pm

    i work at a big store, and every time i walk past or put some diapers away on the shelf i think of this.

  • merk 04.05.10 @ 8:35am

    definitely just watched this 10 times in a row.

  • The Facebook Masterbator 04.01.10 @ 4:03pm

    I don’t approve of capitalism, but still… so useful!

  • Uninvited guest to a 4 year old's birthday party 02.07.10 @ 6:10am


  • Marwa 01.27.10 @ 4:59am

    I <3 it !! I so freakin’ <3 iiiit !!
    Geniuses, pure geniuses.

  • MineTruly 01.23.10 @ 7:11pm

    I have nothing against flipping babies… but this 5sf… just wasn’t funny. It just… didn’t have that magic to it. I’m, I’m sorry. But this is a “Miss.”

  • Cernex 01.18.10 @ 8:25pm

    Lol, who was that hand on the first couple of seconds? Grant’s?

    Or was it… *gasp*! LOGAN?!

  • beth 12.31.09 @ 1:26pm

    you used flip a baby in your writing class, god teachers are getting so young nowadays

  • shamshowder 12.15.09 @ 5:26pm

    i used this in my writing class!

  • Timmy Don't Piss On That! 10.26.09 @ 5:32pm

    My mom did that to me all the time and I turned out fine…except for the bladder control problem (hence the name)

  • poke her face 08.14.09 @ 7:08pm

    i tried that once… im serious…

  • Carth 07.23.09 @ 12:55pm

    Had, then. raspberry

    I’ll take 20. Even if I’m not going to use them. That’s how good a salesman Jon Worley is.

  • miky 06.30.09 @ 9:57pm

    do you hate babies? Flip a baby! haha cetchy

  • kazhe 06.30.09 @ 3:08pm

    hahahha what the f! hahahaha flip a baby how inappropriate. . . . can u get them at walmart

  • i punch babies 06.23.09 @ 7:13pm

    god i hate babies sooo much

  • Tim 06.21.09 @ 2:26pm

    gotta love the mystery hand behind the baby at the beginning

  • Subahime 06.21.09 @ 12:33pm

    simple ,yet useful! :D

  • kira 06.21.09 @ 3:53am

    omfg wtf dude XD

  • the man living in your sink 06.07.09 @ 7:28am

    I’ll have what he’s having! :D

  • That Guy From That Place 06.06.09 @ 4:52pm

    Is it made in Germany? No? I’m out.

  • Woah 06.06.09 @ 2:40pm

    Blatent product placement in my 5sf? You guys sold out to the Man, man….

  • le zombi 06.06.09 @ 1:09pm

    Je déteste des bébés!

  • Psi 06.06.09 @ 11:32am

    I’ll take 7.

  • Nick 06.06.09 @ 4:37am

    You guys sure hate babies!

  • kaitlin 06.05.09 @ 10:13pm

    this is fucking funny xD

  • Shmoe 06.05.09 @ 1:19pm

    hahah that was classic

  • animaljere 06.05.09 @ 9:20am

    i wish these movies were six seconds instead of five, always after five seconds i think “i need more!”

  • Chris 06.05.09 @ 7:57am

    I think this has the possibility to be the greatest product EVER!

  • Hich 06.05.09 @ 7:43am

    He’s been an irresponsible uncle…  An irresponsible TV host…

      NOW, see him as an irresponsible salesman!!!

  • Bigwes 06.05.09 @ 7:05am

    LOL….these guys are geniouses

  • pickle 06.05.09 @ 6:22am

    billy mays has nothing on you. nothing.

  • Earthbreaker 06.05.09 @ 3:44am

    Well of course you’d want to flip THAT baby…the shame of being caught drunk-driving!

  • thenation 06.05.09 @ 2:43am

    Seems useful if your vinyl condom was scratched.

  • GRAAAAA 06.05.09 @ 12:20am

    i do hate those babies ILL TAKE 12!!

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