Welcome to Chico! Pts. 1-5

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When the Chico Department of Publicity hired their most trustworthy cop, Officer Sminkle, to do a series of promotional tapes back in '93, this was the result.


  • Pastor of Muppets 01.09.13 @ 9:04pm

    LOL just recognized the gasp—that’s gotta be Kelsey.

  • JustTheFax 04.24.12 @ 11:56pm

    The Chico, California, City Council enacted a ban on nuclear weapons, setting a $500 fine for anyone detonating one within city limits… just so you know!

  • Jeremy 12.10.11 @ 4:21pm

    Brian, it is time for another educational foray into the town of Chico. Please make more!

  • Rick Dick 10.29.11 @ 10:20pm

    Is there where you guys live or something?

  • personal trainer pa 06.09.11 @ 4:29pm

    Chico’s favorite summertime tradition has been the Friday Night Con

  • Bill Swerski's super fan 04.27.11 @ 10:27pm

    Just don’t detonate a nuclear device within Chico city limits because28 you will get a hefty 500 dollar fine.

  • Eikern 11.10.10 @ 4:32am

    The song is called Blibb from the artist Vowo on the album Harbor Lights.

  • Jessie 07.03.10 @ 3:12pm


  • Chump Diggity 06.03.10 @ 6:41pm

    i third the music request - wicked catchy! sounds like it might be in Dodgeball maybe? :D

  • The Sentient Houseplant 05.24.10 @ 7:29pm

    Gotta get my ass to Chico

  • DrakeMagnum 04.14.10 @ 1:04am

    The attention to detail makes me go all woozy with joy.

  • Snerg 04.03.10 @ 3:02pm

    ..His face after he says “Its okay, the safetys on!” Is just epic. So…Un-Brian, though.

  • The OTHER Brian 04.01.10 @ 5:47pm

    If women are from mars, and whores are from Chico, then are Strippers a cross-breed?

  • fake surfer 03.16.10 @ 2:07am

    seconding the music request - catchy tune!

  • angryfrench 03.02.10 @ 2:14pm

    Being a resident of Chico, I’m amazed how fluffy they make my town seem. Thanks!

  • Brian Rubin 03.02.10 @ 9:18am

    The music in this is AMAZING. Might I ask who it is?

  • MC Prop Guy 02.28.10 @ 8:44am

    My, thats a fancy gunbelt he has, it really makes the whole thing work for me. so factual.

  • Kevin 02.25.10 @ 8:23pm

    Wow very nice.

    To whom can we credit the whore noise?

  • Archer 02.25.10 @ 5:00pm

    don’t worry, the safety is on. FMEH!
    love that xD

  • Kyle 02.25.10 @ 6:08am

    Such a great vid. By far one of my favorites.

  • jubbs 02.24.10 @ 11:19pm

    This literally gets better every time I watch it. And I’m about 35 viewings in.

  • Logan 02.24.10 @ 10:30pm

    I’m from Chico and this is exactly how it is.

  • cronin_burger 02.24.10 @ 7:10pm

    The talent on 5sf keeps getting better with each video.  Its getting more difficult to give bad ratings when they are doing so well.  Truly I am inspired. 9/10

  • Justin 02.24.10 @ 7:00pm

    I thought he said “Chico’s the birthplace of math”.

  • Jules 02.24.10 @ 1:43pm

    Best. 5SF. Ever.

  • Vurtax 02.24.10 @ 12:05pm

    Expect tourism to shoot straight up at time for Martygraw

  • haha 02.24.10 @ 12:02pm

    that is awesome! go wildcats! hahaha

  • Nex 02.24.10 @ 11:38am

    Those gray pants do not match that black shirt. So unprofessional, even for Chico.

  • Some Dude 02.24.10 @ 10:39am

    Did Brian get a traffic ticket in Chico City?

  • alexis 02.24.10 @ 10:33am


  • Isotaupe 02.24.10 @ 10:18am

    @ME - Truly you are a gentleman of taste.

  • t.j. 02.24.10 @ 8:26am

    My interview with Brian “Here, The Safety Is On” Firenzi is up on Poop or Chocolate.  Check it out.  http://tinyurl.com/ydppjyy

  • Your Biological Father 02.24.10 @ 6:17am

    Oh and ME - It sounds like Olivia

  • Your Biological Father 02.24.10 @ 6:14am

    This was just so Win.  I am speechless.

  • ME 02.24.10 @ 4:55am

    Birthplace of Meth?  Benihana Strippers?

    /packs bags

  • ME 02.24.10 @ 4:54am

    Ok…. Who provided the gasp at the end?  HOT.

  • Nickloves5SF 02.24.10 @ 4:43am

    Part three is the best, for some reason the footsteps sound effect and the face he pulls just before saying ‘really’ kill me every time

  • YES 02.24.10 @ 3:52am

    Five 5sf’s for the price of one? YES!

  • zambo. 02.24.10 @ 1:34am


  • TheHafk 02.23.10 @ 11:31pm

    The music between the clips and the tape effect really make this shine.

  • RF 02.23.10 @ 11:23pm

    The tape effect is a great touch.

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