West People Problems

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Everyone living in New York died.


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  • MHCJYMVJ 02.14.13 @ 4:45pm


  • caca 02.09.13 @ 4:48am

    Blum nnton nih…

  • Your mom goes to college 02.08.13 @ 11:04pm

    And then Brian and Maria froze that winter.  People walked by them and didn’t get them out for over three millennia.  When they finally thawed they given weapons to fight the necromorph monkey invasion and defend the nation of woo, ruled by the evil dictator John Worley.  The fought for many moons until they finally defeated Worley and his evil army.  Brian and Maria were made heroes and they lived happily ever after until Brian died of AIDS three days later. THE END.

  • death_lurks 02.08.13 @ 1:14pm

    I am also a Californian living in Montreal. this is going to so many of my friends who whine about the “cold”

  • NutFog 02.08.13 @ 11:50am

    I am a Californian currently living in Montreal. I will send this video to everyone from back home who complains about the weather. And never Stop.

  • Don Keyknuckle 02.07.13 @ 10:33pm

    Come to Canada! We’ve got all four regular seasons happening at the same day, plus some you guys have never even heard of!

  • Beelzebub 02.07.13 @ 5:00pm

    “Everyone living in New York died.”

    Damn it all, Andrew W.K! Do you now understand the danger of the mighty powers I hath granted you!?  Such strength shall not be trifled with, lest I take back what I hath given!

  • T-Bone Malone 02.07.13 @ 4:43pm

    LA is in a Csa (or Csb) climate (warm, dry & hot summer), while New York is in a Dfb climate (microthermal, humid, warm summer).

    Brought to you by T-Bone Malone, Climatologist

  • Dr. Blizzardbeard 02.07.13 @ 4:43pm

    That’s nothing, last week in Knoxville TN, it was like 43 F and we almost had snow that stuck, but it cleared up by next morning.

  • Cherub Cow 02.07.13 @ 4:26pm

    I thought it was -never- the right time to be in New York. New York is a giant spider web that traps you and lets Bloomberg suck the life force from your dying body.

  • petsinwinter 02.07.13 @ 4:16pm

    @mystiquecon You’ve obviously never been to new york at the wrong time

  • BigSoph 02.07.13 @ 3:09pm

    For our goombah American friends, that is -2.2 F and 8-10 inches of snow

    Last week it was -42 C with the windchill - and that is -43.6 F


  • BigSoph 02.07.13 @ 3:05pm

    I am in Ottawa, Canada’s capital

    It is -19C and 20-25cm of snow is on the way tomorrow

    Suck it, New Yorkers!

  • Heath 02.07.13 @ 1:09pm

    Dude I could go for some snow I live in southern Louisiana there’s a reason why we stay inside during the summer down here.

  • EviL EsKiMo 02.07.13 @ 12:42pm

    @mystiquecon 2 feet of snow and 4 degrees?  that’s cute

  • Mystiquecon 02.07.13 @ 11:42am

    I live in Michigan. 2 feel of snow, 4 degrees. NEW YORK AIN"T GOT NOTHIN, BITCHES!

    But seriously, 5sf, if you ever wanna trade, call me up.

  • MatthiasKL 02.07.13 @ 11:05am

    So at this point, Andrew is your mortal nemesis.  Right, Brian?

  • Dick McSlick 02.07.13 @ 11:01am

    This is the opposite of party.

  • padurn 02.07.13 @ 10:13am

    This same thing happened to me when I wished I was cooler.

  • Stephen 02.07.13 @ 8:30am

    I like how Andrew W.K. has become 5SF’s diabolical version of Clarence from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

  • Pastor of Muppets 02.07.13 @ 7:58am

    Come to Texas; we can give you all four seasons in the same week.

    /Mostly OMFG mah face is meltored Summer
    //I give this video four suddenly pert nipples and shrinkage.  Sorry Brian.

  • Cherub Cow 02.07.13 @ 6:03am

    The descriptions are awesome this week

  • Cloven 02.07.13 @ 5:52am

    Come on up to Canada, we’ve got maple syrup and pancakes!

  • SealMan 02.07.13 @ 5:52am

    So apparently all the 5sf videos this week result in a person, or in this case many people, dying.

  • AverageJoe 02.07.13 @ 4:44am

    Yup, pretty much. Sometimes I wonder what we in the Eastern USA did to upset Mother Nature.

    /I give this video six seasons, three of which are winters… in a row.

  • Here's the thing,... 02.07.13 @ 3:40am

    Fuck the snow! Dude just invented teleporting like a BAWSS!!

  • Willmo 02.07.13 @ 1:44am


  • Herby 02.07.13 @ 12:14am

    Andrew W.K. is a snow wizard. :O

  • Kalvyn Evans 02.07.13 @ 12:14am

    Andrew WK: Ruining everyone’s lives, by giving them what they ask for.

  • ObamaYoMomma 02.07.13 @ 12:12am

    The reason Brian is crying isn’t due to the drastic change in temperature but the fact that he can’t get rid of Andrew WK. But who would want to honestly?

  • LlamaQueen 02.07.13 @ 12:04am

    Here in the northwest it’s never hot or cold just wet.

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