What Girls Do in There

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Take shits and gossip with each other? No, I'm afraid that's only their little ruse, and it's worked perfectly up until now.


  • Jerm 06.06.12 @ 10:09pm

    I thought I had seen every 5sf. I was wrong.

  • StickySam 12.03.11 @ 8:07pm

    One of my absolute favorites. Kelsey and Olivia sold this so well! My favorite gag has to be either the spycam one or the newscaster one. Awesome job!

  • Ian 08.16.11 @ 7:07pm

    Come on… Make out!

  • quite tired actually 08.10.11 @ 4:45pm

    union31 WTF

  • low 01.30.11 @ 8:37pm

    Olivia’s creepy face is the first chick’s creepy face that I actually find funny. marry me?

  • No Gun Needed 01.08.11 @ 5:20am

    Olivia would not need a gun for me to get inside her.

  • cronk 01.07.11 @ 9:50pm

    and lol since on repeat viewings the guys’ response to that is AWESOME.

  • cronk 01.07.11 @ 9:50pm

    you’re all wrong.  the most disturbing part is the first 3 seconds.  we might as well give up as a civilized society when one woman can say “do you have a tampon?” to another so casually in front of guys.

  • Hello, hooray! 01.07.11 @ 3:51pm

    I thought they simultaneously let loose all the farts and burps and sneezes they hold in? I though the third was good47.

  • rainbowbarf 01.07.11 @ 1:07pm

    Well at least46 the inside of their Ladies room wasn’t a giant topless pillow fight arenaaarrghffffffffffnu nun gunff *puts on sunglasses* I’ll be outside smoking if you need me. yeah?

  • Mad 01.07.11 @ 11:49am

    So.. someone tell me what 3rd is about?

  • Aeysee 01.07.11 @ 10:57am

    It feels like the 3rd vid of this set53 is telling me like “YOU’D WISH YOU WERE HEEEERE”

  • Evnyofdeath 01.07.11 @ 9:59am

    Th-th-th-their yaoi fangirls…....? -drops dead in fear-

  • PatyKerry 01.07.11 @ 9:59am


  • Johnny K 01.07.11 @ 9:26am

    Bleeding vaginas is good comedy ya guys!

  • What's Doug's Fuckin' Deal? 01.07.11 @ 8:18am

    If Olivia pointed a gun at me and told me to get inside here, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  • sina 01.07.11 @ 7:59am


  • Let me eat my burito 01.07.11 @ 6:07am

    I only count three legs and 3 entities. Ergo, a leg23 is missing at 0:06.

  • BigSoph 01.07.11 @ 4:15am

    “They got in the way”
    Wow, Kelsey has never been hotter than when she talks about offing children…
    And the “what ARE we doing in here? uuuuhhhhh”
    Well, I have a new fantasy
    Sorry if I disgusted anyone, I don’t mince words - I am pretty direct52

  • Ali.B 01.07.11 @ 3:06am

    Very True ... That’s what they do in there

  • Kenneth 01.07.11 @ 3:05am

    i… never needed to know that…
    as in EVER.

  • SputNik 01.07.11 @ 2:31am

    hehe i got 3rd

  • SputNik 01.07.11 @ 2:31am

    ahaha wow… that has always puzzled me, what they do in the bathroom… this makes perfect sense now!

  • SputNik 01.07.11 @ 2:10am

    ...third?... no! this cannot be!

  • Shawn 01.07.11 @ 12:38am

    Looks like this 5sf *takes off sunglasses* was at least 50% stupid

  • TinyTim 01.07.11 @ 12:34am

    FIRST because I can

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