Whisper Quiet

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All their mom wanted was for Allen to find a home. But they wound up finding something even better...each other. Starring Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney from BriTANicK!


  • Apes_Of_Space 10.15.13 @ 9:07pm

    I’m a vacuum cleaner hunter

  • TDog 10.06.11 @ 2:16am

    I love how he’s practically a mile away, running that fast. Such61 a good one.

  • Belinda Benn 04.26.11 @ 6:36pm

    rubish ;(

  • Adam 08.11.10 @ 7:55pm

    This is the best.

  • Rodbor 05.05.10 @ 3:44pm

    It cracks me up how he runs away in full speed.

  • BlindCutter 04.23.10 @ 1:07pm

    Who sells a vacuum cleaner in a parking lot…. and who even stops to listen? O.o

  • minetruly 04.19.10 @ 11:58am

    “I’m a vacuum cleaner I love dirt”?

  • Eric 04.08.10 @ 8:42pm

    I still have no idea what he says after “I’m a vacuum cleaner,” but the way his “mouth” sort of quivers with hesitation upon being reprimanded is fucking brilliant. It makes my life complete, really.

  • DudeDude 04.08.10 @ 1:01pm

    “I’m a vacuum cleaner, you gonna die”
    is what I get. Makes more sense to me than other suggestions here anyway.

  • satan 04.08.10 @ 11:50am


  • Gildertron 04.07.10 @ 4:07pm

    Hey, Britanick! Best.

  • vacuum 04.06.10 @ 9:39pm

    “I’m a vacuum cleaner and i pick up dirt”

  • Adam 04.06.10 @ 6:20am

    Coming Summer 2010
    BriTANick vs 5sf
    Whoever wins… we lols

  • Enabsflow 04.05.10 @ 7:14pm

    BriTANick! Had no idea you guys were pals…or knew each other…or lived in the same area…anyways, sweet!

  • Kevin 04.05.10 @ 6:56pm


  • Kaikydelan 04.05.10 @ 5:57pm

    6.0 amps of NIGHTMARES

  • MineTruly 04.05.10 @ 2:54pm

    What does the vacuum say?

    I hear, “I’m a vacuum cleaner I have diet.”


  • Damn 04.05.10 @ 2:16pm


  • Damn 04.05.10 @ 2:15pm

    Looks like Rob *Puts on Sunglasses* Stole my fucking joke but really what an asshole

  • Ian 04.05.10 @ 11:47am

    The video was sort of a miss but Brian McElhaney is so effin cute.

  • Dying Hurr 04.05.10 @ 11:41am

    Im cravin some Firenzi!!!!!!

  • Omega 04.05.10 @ 9:16am

    Hey, look, a new actor?

  • Jim 04.05.10 @ 8:51am

    dude! Brian McElhaney!

  • merk 04.05.10 @ 8:33am

    im a vacuum cleaner ive got dirt?

  • matt graham 04.05.10 @ 8:29am


  • Deaf Man 04.05.10 @ 8:02am

    What the heck did that vacuum cleaner say? I too love BriTANick, but what?

  • JOE 04.05.10 @ 7:35am

    BritAnick are funny, but this one missed.

  • Sarcastic Name 04.05.10 @ 6:58am

    @ Failed Punchline: HA!
    Also, Parking lots are the best place to find quality vacuums.

  • Nex 04.05.10 @ 6:04am

    Huzzah for BriTANick!

  • Rob 04.05.10 @ 5:32am

    looks like this 5sf *puts on sunglasses* sucks.


  • you lose the internet! 04.05.10 @ 5:09am

    i wonder if he knows the dishwasher from rinse and repeat,or the evil stove from the oldest trick in the stove.

  • Failed Punchline 04.05.10 @ 3:00am

    I think my dog knows I own that vacuum.

  • IcarusReloaded 04.04.10 @ 11:16pm

    Dude, Alan must be craving him some fruit slam.

  • wererat2000 04.04.10 @ 11:03pm

    oh and first/second

  • wererat2000 04.04.10 @ 11:03pm


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