Whither Thou How Now, The Man In The Moon

Last Film Last Film
Worse yet, think of how the poor owner of midwestern family theme park Moonworld will feel about this sobering news.


  • Kelly 05.29.12 @ 2:34am

    Oh my goodness! Incredible aritcle dude! Thank you, However I am going through troubles with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I cannot subscribe to it. Is there anybody else having similar RSS issues? Anybody who knows the solution can you kindly respond? Thanks!!

  • SquidDNA 04.12.12 @ 1:59pm

    This is possibly the best 5sf to date.

  • Onewithears 03.25.12 @ 5:48pm

    How can people not understand what they are saying. Its really clear to me.

  • User8421 03.23.12 @ 11:57am

    Still a better ending then Mass Effect 3

  • Saöz 03.22.12 @ 2:42pm

    It’s not the Ben at the end…

  • Mr Thursday 03.22.12 @ 12:38am

    Well, I guess getting a good night’s rest resets my linguistic functions, because now I can understand Ben perfectly.

    Mr Thursdsay, formerly known as Mr Wednesday (only on Wednesdays, obviously)

  • Alex 03.21.12 @ 5:33pm

    Is this is a Lunopolis reference?

  • tron28 03.21.12 @ 4:15pm

    i can hear everything they’re saying actually pretty well… and i think Ben actually screams “NOOOOOO” at the end…

  • yterwq 03.21.12 @ 4:02pm

    Ben’s last word is just “moon”, guys. Chill out.

  • Saö 03.21.12 @ 2:51pm

    Ok, seriously, can someone write down what the fuck is Ben saying? Can’t understand anything…

  • Simon 03.21.12 @ 2:16pm

    Obligatory m night shyamalan joke.

  • wepwap 03.21.12 @ 12:42pm

    this is gonna be 5secondfilms’ 1000th video on youtube!

  • Shawass 03.21.12 @ 12:22pm

    Nice, really psycho :D Love the piano in the background, any source?

  • fitz 03.21.12 @ 11:47am

    wait… was this a life on mars reference?

  • kalvynevans 03.21.12 @ 11:42am

    “Ah you tellin me we on the mphlmff?”

    “Aye tellin ye earth IS the MOO.”


  • IB 03.21.12 @ 9:37am

    Are you telling me we’re on the foon?

  • Here's the thing,... 03.21.12 @ 8:25am

    Never smoked a cigarette in his life.

  • padurn 03.21.12 @ 7:32am

    I’m impressed 5SF has a space suit.

  • Matchstickman 03.21.12 @ 2:25am

    @ Mr Wednesday, everything except the arghlebargle at the end.

    On a lighter note, that “Noooooooo” at the end is not Ben not believing the truth but the sound made when he raises his visor and all the air is sucked out of his suit.

    In space no one can hear you disbelieve reality

  • Mr Wednesday 03.21.12 @ 1:46am

    Mehh, I can’t understand what Ben is saying exactly. “Are you telling me we’re on the Moonarghlebargle?”

  • Man Solo 03.21.12 @ 1:42am

    Oh, and MORE LONG FILMS.

  • Man Solo 03.21.12 @ 1:41am

    Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

    So fucking brilliant, my skull split in to 5 separate pieces.

  • Dustin 03.21.12 @ 1:09am

    Best twist in any film in the past decade. Easy.

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