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Personally, I'd wish for "Wishbone" to come back to TV, but mega-destruction is a close second.


  • thqjbkzmb 12.01.16 @ 4:46am

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  • TheDew 01.27.13 @ 9:59am

    oh no…

  • TheOnlyChuckThatHasEverLived 11.25.10 @ 2:35am

    +++++++++++++ coming to a theater near you.

  • Annie 09.06.10 @ 4:40pm

    Nice. Not quite sure on the camel, though. What video editing program do you guys use?

  • Morpheus 05.24.10 @ 5:51am

    I know, right? Wishbone was so cute….it sucks that he’s dead.

  • Beremy 04.23.10 @ 11:27pm

    I need to go get myself some KFC for dinner, but I can’t stop watching these!

  • Loisel 04.14.10 @ 6:34pm

    most chilling music ever! excellent!

  • ÑanduTrip 02.27.10 @ 1:57am

    Earthbreaker, do you ride on a short bus?

  • Gonzo Law 01.24.10 @ 3:08am

    Way ahead of ya bigger J.  Ignoring everything after AND before that last period, and feeling much better for it.

  • Maddison 01.23.10 @ 8:56am

    Ah, Lost.

  • Agreer 12.09.09 @ 8:03am

    I think that if both sides break the longer piece is the winner. Indeed.

  • Anthony Sterling 12.07.09 @ 5:36pm

    This is better than watching 2012!!  AWESOME!

  • BiggerJ 12.01.09 @ 11:23pm

    If I were Brian, I’d film the start again with the wishbone breaking properly, and the new version would be that days update, except at the end, it’d say ‘AND NOW, NEW CONTENT’, followed by a naked man punching himself in the face for either five seconds or an extended pediod of time while repeatedly screaming ‘NEW CONTENT NEW CONTENT NEW CONTENT’, ending with the white-text-on-black message ‘NEVER COMPLAIN AGAIN’.f time while repeatedly screaming ‘NEW CONTENT NEW CONTENT NEW CONTENT

  • TastyCorn 11.30.09 @ 9:19pm

    Ya I wonder if they only had one bone to make the shot and it broke on both sides, none of them should have won haha

  • Zicter 11.30.09 @ 1:09pm

    How long have camels gone moo? I thought they just grunted and stuck that disgusting flab of meat out of their mouth when they’re horny (thanks Dirty Jobs for scarring me for life).

  • Nick 11.30.09 @ 12:14pm

    How could you!

  • KDizzle 11.30.09 @ 9:12am

    I lol’d at the “Lost” violin track at the end

  • Jason 11.30.09 @ 8:35am

    Can you wish for more wishbones?

  • cool 11.30.09 @ 7:17am

    i like how it breaks of of both sides…. but yet the guy on the right gets his wish…?

  • Earthbreaker 11.30.09 @ 6:58am

    Again, there’s a joke I’m missing here…

  • Phillip 11.30.09 @ 3:50am

    Dude, I’d totally wish for Wishbone to come back to TV too, that show was amazing.

  • taylor 11.30.09 @ 12:06am

    Was that a camel that fell from the sky?

  • lolFurry 11.29.09 @ 11:23pm

    I did lol

  • Philistine 11.29.09 @ 11:18pm

    A Roland Emmerich film.

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